Attenborough’s Army visit to Broadclyst Farm

On Thursday 12th December, 11 students who are part of Attenborough’s Army eco club were invited to plant trees at Broadclyst Community Farm. Jon, the farm manager, gave students a tour of the farm where we saw pigs, sheep and vegetables growing.

Next, the AA members had the task of clearing the grass off a bank ready to plant trees to form a hedge. The students used spades and their hands to pull up the grass. They worked well as a team and cleared the bank quickly. Jon then showed students how to plant saplings using a splicing method.

We planted over 30 trees which was incredible given the limited time. The species planted included: Hawthorne, Oak, Wild Cherry and Crab Apple. These trees will encourage birds and insects to the farm.

Thank you very much Jon for your expertise and guidance!

Miss Matthews
Key Stage 2-3 Transition Coordinator
History Teacher