Students will receive careers education in C42, CPS and through our deep learning days as well as through tutor time activities.


Key Stage Three

Students follow a Careers programme of study in C42 and in tutor time. We provide students with the relevant information to assist with them taking their options at the end of year 9 and make them aware of the options and career routes open to them in the future.

Year 7

What is a career?

Researching different jobs both within and outside school.

What skills and qualifications are needed for different jobs.

Year 8

The real game- learning about real life through careers.

Recognising employability skills and how they are developed in school.

Researching different careers and introduction to careers pilot.

LMI- What jobs are is demand and how the job market changes over time?

Year 9

Options- Recognising student’s talents and making informed choices about options for KS4.

Qualification pathways at KS4 and KS5 including apprenticeships.

Possible career paths.

Using careers pilot and creating an online pre 16 careers map. 


This programme supplements assemblies, the student careers fair and the options evening which are all designed to give students the skills and information to make the right choices moving into Ks4.


Key Stage Four

The programme of study at KS4 is aimed at equipping students for the next stage of their lives and choices they will need to make. The programme of study taught though C42, DLD’s and supported in tutor time is aimed at signposting students towards useful resources as well as developing the skills needed for these next stages. A major part of our careers offer is year 10 work experience, where students gain valuable experience of the workplace.

Year 10  in C42

Work experience programme-

Introduction to the reasons for WEX.

Letter and CV writing.

Finding an appropriate placement.


Post 16 and future career paths

Vocational courses, A levels, T levels and apprenticeships- differences and advantages of each route.

Higher level qualifications including University and Higher level apprenticeships.


Careers DLD

Developing interview skills and completing a mock interview with a local employer.

Assessment centre task.

Use of unifrog.


Year 11 in tutor time

Destinations – tutors to work with students to signpost them.

Head of sixth form to support students capable of level 3 courses.

Careers appointments available for those students who need advice on types of courses and apprenticeship group.

Mrs Bennett to work with the students who are at Level 2 and need support applying to college.

There are a lot of careers website that will be of use for different purposes.  You need to make sure that you are searching using reliable sources, use the following websites-

Unifrog – This online resource is used by all students in key stage 4 and 5 in CPS / Tutorial sessions in order to help them access up to date information about the world of work and possible courses.  Students in year 9 will also access this resource when they are completing their options. About - Unifrog

Careers Hub Padlet- this is designed to be a one stop shop for students in the South-West and is kept up to date with careers advice and current initiatives.

Student Padlet

National Careers Service:

The National Careers Service website contains over 750 job profiles, and each of them gives you the essential information you need on what the job involves and how to get into it. The site also has a job market information section about the job situation in your local area.  This is very useful to look at growth areas in the south west. 

Career Pilot – used in lessons with year 8, 9 and 10 students

The Careerpilot website aims to provide 13-19 year olds in the South West with information on the full range of choices available at 14, 16 and 18, including apprenticeshipscollegehigher level study, etc.

The website also includes information on twenty job sectors, links to providers in the South West


Students in year 9 will create a Pre 16 careers map- they can save their choices of job sectors, providers and qualifications in Career Tools.


Barclays lifeskills- a site with excellent resources covering both careers and finance.  Students can complete a number of activities and also receive tips on CV writing and interview skills


Employability Skills | Young People Job Skills| Life Skills (


plotr is a free-to-access, Government supported and industry-led website that connects young people (aged 11-24) to the world of work.   We provide inspiration, exploration and discovery through a series of interactive Careers Worlds; a set of Employer Profiles; an engaging Resource Centre and an Opportunity Finder that contains information about local Apprenticeships, work experience and entry level roles.  plotr makes connections and bridges the gap between education and employment. 

Start – Careers Information (


Success at School 

Another website aimed at school students, with helpful articles and sections about how to develop transferable skills, information about apprenticeships, advice from people in different industries, plus industry and sector information presented in an easy-to-digest format.


Find an apprenticeship

This is the government site that will give you all of the information that you need to look for local apprenticeship opportunities and apply online.  You can set up an account and receive opportunity updates.

Get in go far

This site gives you an insight into apprenticeships and gives you real life stories about young people who are enjoying the benefits.  The parental advice section is a great starting point to develop your understanding.

Apprenticeship video

The MYPATH Guide To Apprenticeships in 2022 - YouTube

The Apprenticeship Assembly Film - Amazing Apprenticeships

T Level Guide – this gives students a great insight into T Levels and what courses are available as a vocational alternative to A Levels.

T Levels for students | T Levels

Sites for post 16 students looking at higher education-

"Informed Choices"

This is a Russell Group guide to making informed choices about post-16 Education.  It is packed with useful information, and the 5 Point Plan for making A Level choices is a good tool for clarifying your thoughts.


Has all the information that you would need to consider if you were applying to university and undergraduate and postgraduate options.  This site also gives you advice on finance and student support.

Not going to University

This is a site devoted to those students who do not want to go onto university and gives advice about alternatives such as gaining work experience, completing a gap year, studying at college and apprenticeships.

Careers advice and Work Experience


Individual guidance interviews-

We have our own experienced, impartial level 7 careers advisor who is employed for 2 days per week and can support students on their careers journey.  Year 10, 11, 12 and 13 students are offered a face-to-face careers guidance interview, to support them to make informed decisions about the future.  This may include how to overcome barriers, recognising talents, making decisions about future courses and training opportunities and is very much tailored to the needs of the individual student.  Our SEND students are supported by a careers advisor from CSW.  

If you would like to request a career appointment please do so via your tutor or email 

Your tutor will be notified of your appointment time, and you will also receive a personal email. The careers summary from the meeting will be shared with the student.

Useful information is available on the BBC Bitesize website via this link: BBC Bitesize Careers

Work Experience

Students in year 10 and 12 are offered a week of work experience at the end of the school year. We are proud of our work experience uptake record and have excellent relationships with local and regional employers.  This offers students the opportunity to gain skills which cannot be taught in the classroom and often enables students with insight into what career path they want to pursue. Staff also offer drop in sessions to help students who need help sending emails, writing CVs or support making phone calls.

Parents will be sent full information regarding the WEX programme and the process of finding and securing a placement.  If your child needs help or advice please contact the careers coordinator  deals with enquiries about work experience.

Please take a look at the attached video which will give you a short insight into the benefits of work experience.