BT Bootcamp – Year 10 Careers Trip

Thirty five students from Year 10 attended a ‘bootcamp’ where they were able to work with MyKindaFuture to improve their employability skills and consider the first steps into the world of work.  Students thought about how to choose a career path and where to get advice to aid their decision making.  BT staff members with a range of different roles were on hand all day to work directly with the students and act as mentors.  Students reacted really well to working with these supporting stars.

Students then considered what values, interests and skills they have and created a profile to help sell themselves in the world of work.  We looked at online profiles and discovered that employers could access these which could affect our ability to get a job even before we get an interview.

Students were then able to think about interviews and what to do and what to avoid.  We considered what to wear and even how to sit in a chair to help make a good impression.  After practicing handshakes students were able to have a short interview with the BT Supporting Stars.  We were able to get feedback from the employers and they were very impressed with the confidence of our students.

To complete the day students designed a technology product as they might be asked to do in an assessment centre.  The staff were looking for them to use their skills and stay on task including presenting their products.  Students designed and presented everything from a jacket which was used by the armed forces and doubles up as a sleeping bag to a wardrobe that used weather technology to help you decide what to wear.

I would like to congratulate all of the students involved who were really engaged in the process and thank the staff from BT who gave up their time to work with our students.

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