Apple Orchard



Apple Orchard Home comes to life.

As part of their coursework Year 10 Health and Social Care students last week took part in a practical session where they had to help a service user choose a meal and then serve it to them. To do this half the class adopted the character of a resident of Apple Orchard – the virtual residential home they created for this unit; the other half pretended to be one of the care workers. They then had to reverse roles so everyone had a chance to choose and eat. The tables were laid with bright cloths and a selection of food was laid out in the “kitchen” ready to be served to the “residents”. The students all adopted their roles with enthusiasm – some of the conversations between the residents were hilarious and they were certainly not all easy to please – the care workers had their work cut out when dealing with some very awkward customers. The whole activity was filmed with new equipment provided by a fund aiming to increase the use of technology in class.