What a relief! – new toilets ready

Amidst the excitement of a new term, new timetable and new teachers, I hope that students have mentioned a fourth “T”, for toilets……The photos show what the newly refurbished toilets in the Giraffe House look like. I’m sure you will agree that they are a vast improvement on what went before, for example the original 1959 flooring.

We were only able to afford refurbishing three of the four toilets, but will complete the remaining boys’ as a priority when funds allow. (Like most schools, we’re not flushed with cash…)

And to refute any conspiracy theory or panic, I can confirm that there WILL be mirrors put up; it was only that we prioritised the essential plumbing over the (admittedly very important) accessories.

IMG_5047 Girls’ toilets

The refurbishments are a good example of “student voice”. Informally, and through School and College Councils these toilets were nearly unanimously students’ top priority for improvement, so it’s very good that we have been able to respond. Of course, the expectation is that students will respect their environment, and ensure that the new toilets remain in a great condition for years to come.