CVCC Students on Spotlight?!

On Thursday 11th October, 30 female students across years 8 and 9 took part in the Women of the World festival at the Exeter Phoenix.

With it being International Day of the Girl, the workshops all aimed to celebrate the girls themselves, female achievement and help them to develop their own self confidence.

The day started with some gospel choir singing of Beyonce’s song “Freedom” with specific focus on the key line: “I’m a keep running ‘cause a winner don’t quit on themselves”. Workshops throughout the day also included: ‘Building the sisterhood’ where local theatre company Flip the Bird did some work on female relationships (especially within a school setting) using dance and drama to explore this and a self-defence session run by Laura Ibbara. This workshop gave the girls practical skills to defend themselves and encouraged them to be confident in their own bodies.

At the end, the day closed with an inspirational performance from singer songwriter Esme Dickens.

The girls left the day feeling challenged, encouraged and inspired.

Some of the girls featured on BBC Spotlight too!

“Women are strong. Women are powerful. Women are intelligent. At the WOW workshops, we were all encouraged to embrace these things. I was inspired” – Martha, year 9

“I now have so much more confidence and it was great to learn things I wouldn’t normally learn in school or even think about learning!” Kelly, year 8

“It gave me an opportunity to see how to defend myself which made me feel safe” Sophie, year 8

“It really made me feel more confident about myself and feel proud to be a woman” Jasmine, year 8


The spotlight video will be uploaded shortly!