Y9 Students Meet Lady Milena

100_7901Our Year 9 students were very fortunate to be able to meet Lady Milena Grenfell-Baines on Wednesday 29th March. She talked to the students about her escape from Prague in 1939 and how she was able to join the Kindertransport arranged by Sir Nicholas Winton. She arrived in London with her baby sister, Eva, where they were looked after by the Radcliffe family who made room in their house and their hearts to take in two Jewish girls escaping Nazi persecution. Milena described herself as being fortunate she was as both her mother and father survived. Her grandparents and cousins were not so fortunate.

Our Year 9 students behaved perfectly during this talk. Three students came up to Lady Milena at lunchtime to thank her for making the long journey from Preston to talk to us.

Lady Milena gave out prizes for superb work on Holocaust Memorials. The winners were Jasmine Daniels, Aaron Young, Will Knight and Harriet Cheeseman. Jasmine Daniels had made a gift for Lady Milena which was a brilliant portrait of Sir Nicholas Winton. Lady Milena was delighted with the gift and told Jasmine that she was going to frame the picture.