“Full Disclosure”: The Addams Family a Triumph

CAM00314There are quite a few tired and croaking students in College today after last week’s phenomenal production of The Addams Family. There are so many positive features and so many people who deserve thanks and praise that I almost don’t know where to start.

Being part of a school production gives a lifelong memory, and does wonders for individual students’ confidence and self-esteem. Further, the Addams Family ensemble has been a particularly strong one, with students forming new friendships and acquaintances which would not have happened otherwise. There was teamwork, collaboration, camaraderie, respect, mutual support and leadership, all essential life skills.

There were fantastic performances from the leads and the chorus. The orchestra and the technical and backstage crews. Many colleagues and parents contributed time and support, in some cases huge amounts. The Barnfield Theatre must be thanked for all their help.

Of course, The Addams Family has further enhanced our reputation in the local community and the reputations of the driving forces behind it, Ms Ruscoe and Ms Williams.    

“Stunned by the quality of the performance”

“Incredibly funny, professionally performed”

“I forgot it was a school production”