Mr Greig’s Marvellous Inventions


Clyst Vale’s Head of Science, Bruce Greig, has been devising Science activities for use in Primary and Secondary Schools. The photos show some of their activities, including the solar-powered parabolic oven, the resistant drill and the DIY dolls’ house lighting circuit. This has been the result of a fantastic partnership with energy company Eon, who have funded the developments and Education Business Partnership South West, who will use the activities with their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) ambassadors in Primary and Secondary Schools. One photo shows a group of teachers and STEM ambassadors enjoying “hands-on learning” at a training session led by Mr Greig. The photos don’t do full justice – the activities allow the development of some very serious and proper science, and have been praised very highly by the Royal Association of Engineers. Once again, Clyst Vale is delighted to be supporting the STEM agenda, and sharing it with other local schools.