Kenyan Partnership Strengthened

kenya154During February half-term, Dr Bawn, Mrs Grigg and Miss Brotherton visited our partner school, Ndururumo High School in Nyahururu.  They spent four days in the school visiting (and teaching!) lessons, and meeting a wide range of staff and students.  There were additional visits to local primary schools.  The visit was highly successful.


We will be establishing a website page dedicated to the Partnership, and there were some powerful images and thoughts arising from the visit.  Despite poorer facilities and fewer opportunities compared to the UK, Kenyan young people are generally very positive, and unbelievably committed to getting the highest possible academic results: many rose at 4.00 am to put in 2-3 hours of independent study before breakfast!


Next steps for our Partnership include consolidating the ‘Cohesion Club’ email exchanges; finding more students to engage in email exchanges; developing our curriculum to include more focus on Kenya where appropriate; hosting another visit by Kenyan teachers; supporting our partner through the ‘Computers 4 Africa’ scheme; and working towards student visits.