Yr 7 MFL Deep Learning Day

The latest deep learning languages day for Year 7 on 4th May was enjoyed by an enthusiastic half of Year 7 (the other half get their chance to have fun on the 6th July).

There were some excellent face paintings and costumes





MFL1      MFL2

Making a Spanish tortilla. 
The best bits are flipping it over and, of course, eating it.












French cafe
Tasting all sorts of delicious things including pain au chocolat, brioche, saucisson, baguette, olives.  All asked for in French! And students have to make their own croissants first. Shame about the snails!



Who wants to be a Millionaire?
Teams compete to see who knows the most about all things French and Spanish.

Learning to play this most French of games, great fun for everyone.


Mass Macarena
80 students and several staff strut their stuff enthusiastically and almost in time, but singing it in Spanish really does take some practice!