Metamorphosis Theatre Trip

On Thursday 60 students from Clyst Vale travelled to watch Lemm Sissay’s  stunning adaptation of Franz Kafka’s ‘The Metamorphisis’ by the Frantic Assembly theatre company. This hugely compelling retelling of Kafka’s seminal work explores the themes of alienation, loneliness and dehumanisation. In Kafka’s story Gregor Samsa awakens one day to find himself undergoing a terrifying transformation into an insect. The shifting dynamics and relationships between Gregor and those around him holds a lens to the human condition.

Despite some mechanical issues with the bus the students involved were absolutely  brilliant and enjoyed the experience of visiting the theatre to experience this challenging and thought-provoking work. 

Huge thanks are due to Miss Keene and Miss Ruscoe for all the work involved in providing such a super opportunity for CVCC drama students.