We’re a Rights Respecting School !

Clyst Vale has been approved for the Bronze level of the Rights Respecting School Award ! This is a fantastic recognition of our commitment to human rights and citizenship over the years, and huge credit goes to Miss Watt for her energetic leadership, supported by Mrs Battishill and a steering group of staff and students. We will press on to gain Silver and Gold Awards in due course, but more importantly embed an understanding of human rights and the values associated with them.

We can also expect to see improvements over time in academic performance, attendance, and behaviour, as well as a decline in bullying and discrimination (in fairness, we already have a good record for this, but one can always aim higher !).

The Award is backed by Unicef UK, and at its core is the UN Convention on Children’s Rights (1989).

The image shows the Human Rights mural by the College entrance. This was one of the results of our Amnesty Group winning funding from the Marsh Charity. The funding was used to work with feeder Primary Schools in several ways, including the creation of this mural, which is the work of the primary pupils. I think the symbolism is tremendous: while there are many great examples of individual human rights and citizenship activities (the individual jigsaw pieces), wouldn’t it be great and powerful if they all joined up into one picture ?