Results: parent consultation on Relationships and Sex Education

Nicola Bennet (Course 42 Lead) publishes here the results of the Parent Consultation that took place last year, regarding Relationships and Sex Education.

All of the original information about the changes to the Curriculum can be found on the Course 42 pages, here: Course 42 Curriculum information

I would like to thank all the parents that took the time to complete the survey at the end of the last academic year.  This has enabled the school to gain a better understanding of your knowledge and concerns about the new RSE guidance.

The headlines to the responses are as follows-

  • 198 parents / guardians responded to the survey.
  • 70% of parents were aware that the school has a RSE (Relationship, Sex Education) Policy, with 60% aware that RSE is statutory from Sept 2020.
  • There was a good coverage of students across all age groups.
  • Overall Parents / guardians rated their understanding of the RSE provision which is taught in Course 42 as average 3/5.
  • Parents / guardians rated the C42 curriculum as 3.5/5 in terms of the extent that it meets the needs of their child.
  • 64% of children talked to their parents / guardians about the RSE that they had been taught at school.
  • 80% of children talked to their parents / guardians about growing up, sex and relationships.
  • Parents / guardians rated their knowledge of the issues surrounding teenage relationships highly with an average of 3.7/5.
  • Parents / guardians rated their confidence in talking to your child about SRE very highly with an average of 4.2/5
  • Topics which parents / guardians considered to be more suitable to be taught from Year 9 upwards were- Pornography and sexual pleasure with over 100 respondents. Other subjects which featured highly were sexting, domestic abuse Honour based violence, FGM and coercive control.
  • Parents generally felt that from year 9 more involved topics could be taught with some feeling that as long as the topic was taught sensitively they could be tackled at any age.
  • Parents / guardians highlighted that the following topics should be covered in RSE- LGBTQ+ including gender diversity, Grooming, social media including sharing locations, sexual harassment, county lines.

Our policy is currently being reviewed by the governors and the teaching of the new RSE curriculum will begin form term 2 of this year.  If you would like any further information regarding this please feel free to contact me.

Nicola Bennett – Course 42 Lead