100 Years of Women’s Suffrage

On 6th February 1918 the Representation of the People Act received the Royal Assent. Only women aged over 30 and property were allowed to vote but it was the first step towards all women in Britain being able to vote on equal terms with men. To mark the occasion the History Department, Miss Jenkins, Miss Matthews and Mrs Padden decided to wear the suffragette colours of green white and violet. We had banners and rosettes for the students to wear. Each lesson on 6th February 2018, in our department, included some information on the suffragettes and the battle to win the right to vote. It took until 1928 before men and women were given the vote on equal terms but 8th February 1918 was a very significant step along the way.

The students in the photos are Ruby Wolin, Liam Haughey, Madeline Smith, Bracken Snell and Harry Madams

Mrs H Padden
Head of History
Teacher of Politics