“Better once than never, for never too late”


Probably my personal highlight of 2015-16 was “All the World’s a Stage”, in which six abridged Shakespeare plays were performed in the amphitheatre and the Drama Studio. I was privileged to see all six plays, and the whole festival was simply fantastic. The variety of plays, adaptations, comedy, intensity, experienced and upcoming student performers was uplifting. The plays in the amphitheatre used the space brilliantly to add to the dramatic and comic effects, while those in the drama studio used this environment equally brilliantly to create a cosiness or intensity accordingly.  S1S3 S4

In 2010 someone had the bright idea to use a load of soil to create an amphitheatre; it is now well established, and I love to see it being used in such an inspiring and enjoyable way. I’m sorry that these photos have been slightly delayed; as Shakespeare said (in Taming of the Shrew) “never too late”.