Government and Politics Trip to London

01On Monday 14th July, a group of Year 12 Government and Politics students spent the day in London.

We were incredibly fortunate as we were invited by Minister Hugo Swire (MP for East Devon) to visit him at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in King Charles Street, London. We were given a great tour of the building by his office manager Ms  R Black. After meeting the Minister we went into the House of Commons where we were given tickets to the public gallery. We were again unbelievably lucky as we saw Defence Secretary Phillip Hammond answer questions. We then saw Foreign Secretary William Hague give his last statement to the House which was on the situation in Gaza.

The PM’s reshuffle of his Cabinet was announced at the end of our day in London, and it was very exciting to be in the city as these big changes were being made. The day was long and tiring but the students thoroughly enjoyed it.