Angel Cake, Coltan Mining, Snails and Positive Madness…..

IMGP4843Yes, it was our latest ‘Deep Learning Day’. The photos show the breadth of activity, learning and enjoyment. Deep Learning Days are an opportunity to focus more deeply on a particular topic, as well as being of practical benefit in minimising the disruption of running trips. The days are about learning, too. While Year 7 played boules, made tortillas and visited a ‘French café’, they were also learning about French and Spanish culture, reinforcing the language, and developing teamwork skills. Year 8 had a Science-themed day at @Bristol or on site. Year 9 had a session with Devon Waste Audit on recycling and environmental matters, as well as GCSE option taster sessions. Year 10 had a ‘Day of Difference’, while Year 11 received a presentation on revision skills, and also started their CV writing. The Sixth Form had mentoring and a ‘Day of Evil’, exploring the concept of good and evil philosophically and from different faith backgrounds. It was a very successful day!


(Angel Cake = Geography Year 9 taster lesson demonstrating erosion ; coltan mining = Year 9 waste sessions: coltan is a mineral used widely in mobile phones, and its mining has a major impact on deforestation and loss of habitat in South America; snails = the Year 7 French café, of course – one student ate three. Positively Made were the company delivering the Year 11 revision skills session.)