Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Macbeth2In the run up to half term, Year 9 classes enjoyed a week of feasting and banquets in their English lessons. 


To enhance their study of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, English teachers invited students to perform the banquet scene from Act III: iv of ‘The Scottish Play’ when the ghost of Banquo returns in a gory apparition to haunt his murderer, Macbeth.


Students were given a range of roles from the catty wives of the noble thanes to belligerent servants unhappy with their lot. They all took part with the good cheer and drunken revelry required of a royal banquet and they soon felt comfortable in their roles (Stanislavski would have been proud).


It’s vital for our students to experience theatre as it was intended so they can fully enjoy and relate to it.  With this in mind the English Department will be running a number of trips to the theatre over the next few months.  Details will be sent home with students.