Fantastic Places

Year 8 had a real treat this week. Sarah & Holly from GVI (Global Vision International) came to talk to them about Fantastic Places. Their fantastic place was Madagascar and Year 8 learnt all about its biodiversity.




Joe Seatherton 8CH wrote:

“This lesson was awesome about Madagascar. I never knew that there were 152 species of chameleon and 88 species of lemurs. The way they kill fish is terrible with the dynamite. I liked the way we got to write the info pamphlets at the end. This day was fantastic!”

Chloe Betts 8KK wrote:

“I thought the presentation today was really good. I found it really interesting and learnt loads like there is only one predator that lives there. Some chameleons are only the size of your thumb. I thought the talk was excellent and would like to listen to something similar again.”