Positive Covid Result in Year 9

Dear Parents and Carers,

We were informed tonight that there is a positive covid-19 result from a Lateral Flow Test undertaken by a student in Year 9.

A separate communication has been sent to Year 9 Parents and Carers asking that all Year 9 students remain at home tomorrow, Thursday 24th June. This is because it is not possible to identify close contacts this late at night, and the only safe precaution is for all Year 9 students to remain at home until this has been established; which also allows time for a PCR test to be taken to confirm the positive reading or otherwise.

Students in Years 7,8,10 and 12 should attend as normal on Thursday 24th June.

I realise that this will cause both concern and inconvenience; and I hope that parents and carers will understand why it has been necessary to take this course of action.

Kevin Bawn