CV&CC Extra Update: Positive Case in Year 10, Year 10 students to stay at home Monday 30th November

Dear Parents/ Carers

Positive Case in Year 10.

This is to let you know that I have been informed of a positive covid-19 test result in a student in Year 10. As with Year 7 last week, I have asked that the whole of Year 10 remain at home tomorrow, Monday, as a precaution; and so that close contacts of the affected student can be accurately identified. I am hoping that like Year 7 many or most of Year 10 can return on Tuesday, although at this stage I cannot guarantee this; it will be confirmed tomorrow.

Remote learning will be set for Year 10 students tomorrow through Microsoft Teams, and this will include live lessons. If tomorrow you have a Year 7 student already isolating and now a Year 10, and this puts pressure on available technology, please let us know (AtHoS, Head of School).

Because of our year group “bubble” arrangements, students in other year groups are at virtually no risk, and should attend as normal on Monday (unless self-isolating). The affected student takes the Stagecoach bus to and from Exeter; however,  the only journey made during the student’s infectious period was on Thursday after-school from Clyst Vale into Exeter; the student sat at the back, downstairs, of the first Stagecoach to leave the College (“Stagecoach One” as students would call it). The student believes only students from Year 10 were near him.

I am only too aware that any positive result in the College is a cause for thought and possibly worry. East Devon and Exeter remain below national averages for infection rates; at Clyst Vale, with the exception of the Year 9 cluster, we seem to be having isolated cases with outside sources of transmission, as in this case.

Thank you as always for your patience, understanding and support. Without this, our job would be so much more difficult, and despite the inevitable inconvenience parents have been incredibly accepting and supportive.


Kevin Bawn