CV&CC Update: Year 7 students to stay at home Tuesday 24th November

At 8.20 pm this evening (Monday) I  received news of a positive covid test for a student in Year 7 (which the parent had received only minutes beforehand). At this time of the evening it is not possible to identify which other Year 7 students might have been in close contact and therefore would need to self-isolate, or indeed whether the whole year group would need to isolate. Further, the health advice “out of hours” is general advice, so I will not receive school-specific advice until tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.

Therefore, Year 7 parents and carers have been asked to make arrangements for their children to remain at home tomorrow (Tuesday). 

Clearly, I guarantee that I will make further contact with Year 7 parents and carers tomorrow, as soon as I have clear advice and guidance from the health authorities. However, it is very likely that a large proportion or even the whole year group will be required to self isolate.

 My colleagues will do their utmost at short notice to set work through Teams.

This will undoubtedly cause inconvenience and possibly some anxiety for families, but I hope you will understand that I am adopting a “better safe than sorry” approach to prevent risk of any further infection.

 Thank you,

 Kevin Bawn