EXPANDED Lockdown Art Gallery!

As the artwork has continued to flood in from all Key Stages, today we’ve been able to add over 120 new pieces to our Lockdown Art Gallery.

X348  X385  X4511

The newest pieces are at the beginning of the galleries – with the KS4 & KS5 work spanning 4 pages and the KS3 gallery totalling 8 pages!  Link below:

EXPANDED Lockdown Art Gallery!

X4524  X312

Please do take some time to scroll through the huge variety of images, which range from photographs to spray paint to acrylic paint to mixed media collage.  There really is something for everyone!

X4527  X31

Huge thanks, of course, to our extremely talented students, who have made great use of their art skills throughout Lockdown and, between them, have created this stunning Gallery.  Well done!