I have taken the always difficult decision to close the College today, Friday 1st February.

There are many factors which I have to take into account, and safety is at the top of the list. Each school has its own context including its site and location, and each Headteacher has to make their decision based on this context.

The picture above looks safe enough, without much snow, but the path in the foreground is like a skating rink and most of the hard standing around the site is icy and dangerous. Added to this, both of our major coach companies were not able to run CV services either, ten coaches in total, because of their own safety or because of a shortage of drivers. As well over half of our students arrive by bus, this is a significant factor (and a major reason why we can’t open mid-morning). Added to this, around a quarter of the staff have been unable to travel in to work, including any caretaking staff or first aiders; this means that safety, supervision levels and the quality of teaching would be significantly affected.

I do not underestimate that this closure will be very inconvenient for some families, not to mention frustrating if you live close to the College which is relatively safe and clear, but I hope you will understand my decision.

Normal service will be resumed on Monday !

And it’s an ill wind – today provides an excellent opportunity for students especially in exam years to get organised, catch up, revise.


Dr Bawn