Write for Rights

mainFriday marked the 4th year in a row that CVCC has celebrated the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: 2012 marked the biggest celebration yet.

We held a whole school event that had a bit of everything: a concert, hot chocolate, masses of cakes and sweets, and the furious writing of letters and cards. Working alongside Amnesty International, Clyst Vale’s Amnesty group organised an all day event, raising awareness of human rights, and in particular writing over 200 cards and letters to victims across the globe who have fallen foul of brutal human rights violations.

Many KS3 classes were brought to the hall by their teachers and were given a brilliant talk by two of our Year 10 students on the death penalty. They were then encouraged to go around and talk to the Amnesty group, who were manning different stations around the hall, and take part by writing a letter of support to governments or individuals. There was mammoth support by teachers and students from every year group. It showed what a wonderful approach CVCC has to promoting the importance of human rights for everyone.

The CVCC Amnesty group is an all inclusive group of students from every year group, who work tirelessly all year round to promote equality and justice. It has been my pleasure since I have been working at Clyst Vale to have the opportunity to work closely with these students and I must publicly thank them for all their hard work and commitment in the weeks preceding this event. We had a great day, raising in excess of £400 and writing over 200 letters and cards. I have had countless students coming up to me to tell me how much they enjoyed the day and how much it had made them think. The CVCC group has also made a video that will be made available for you all to see, showing their fight against injustice. The Amnesty Group meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 1.30pm in EN7. For anybody who has felt inspired by Friday’s event, feel free to come along. All are welcome.