Eat, Drink and Be Merry


In the run up to half term, Year 9 classes enjoyed a week of feasting and banquets in their English lessons.    To enhance their study of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, English teachers invited students to perform the banquet scene from Act III: iv of ‘The Scottish Play’ when the ghost of Banquo returns in a gory apparition to haunt his murderer, […]

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BBC School Reporters


  The BBC School Report is in full swing once again as 35 eager students met to prepare for the big day on 15th March, with our students already appearing on the BBC website’s front page.  In preparation for this day BBC representative, Simon, spent a couple of sessions with the pupils teaching them a few tricks of the trade. […]

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  Year 7 students are preparing to blast off in their English lessons.  Classes have begun working on their first topic – Space.  The unit involves reading a range of science fiction texts such as the work of Isaac Asimov and HG Wells.  Y7s will also be expected to write in the science fiction style.  The unit of work also […]

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Magazine Masterpieces


  Year 9 spent Deep Learning Day learning the basics of print journalism and graphic design with their English teachers.  Their brief was to come up with a prototype for a magazine genre of their choice in four hours (similar to the task set for the budding entrepreneurs in BBC’s ‘The Apprentice’).  Students were set to work quickly and  had […]

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Clyst Vale Makes the News!


Key Stage 3 Students get the opportunity to be live news reporters for the day! The last few months have been hectic in the English block.  At the end of the spring term a number of our gifted and talented students took part in the BBC School News Report initiative.  This involved students researching, writing and uploading news stories on […]

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