Uniform Checklist


Clyst Vale aims to maintain a simple pattern of College dress to promote a clear sense of identity and enable students to come sensibly dressed, at reasonable cost, for a range of learning activities. If a student is improperly dressed, correct uniform will be provided for that day or the student may be sent home to change his/her clothing, at the discretion of the Principal. If parents are in any doubt about the suitability of an item of uniform they should check with the College before buying it.


Uniform for all students in Years 7 to 11

 White collared shirt

  • School colour tie
  • Clyst Vale V-neck jumper
  • Trousers may be worn by boys and girls. They should be plain, black, formal and full length. This means no jeans, leggings or chinos. Trousers must be worn on the waist.
  • Skirts should be pleated Taylor tartan, worn with either black tights, white socks, or bare legs. They should be no more than 5cm/2 inches above the knee.
  • Knee length black tailored shorts in trouser material may be worn in the summer.
  • Black sturdy shoes or all blacktrainers.
  • Clyst Vale reversible jacket or other outdoor coat.


Uniform and PE Kit can be purchased from Thomas Moore.


  • Eyebrow jewellery, facial, tongue, nose and lip studs are not permitted.
  • Leather jackets, all denim garments and all hoodies are not permitted.
  • Hats should not be worn indoors.
  • Outer coats should be predominantly plain in colour and without large logos.
  • A plain white t-shirt or vest may be worn under the shirt.
  • On health and safety grounds, shoes should be appropriate for a work place. Flipflops, open toes, Uggs, Dr Martens (or equivalent) are not permitted.
  • Jewellery may be worn, providing it is not excessive or potentially hazardous. However, it is a legal requirement that all jewellery must be removed before undertaking sporting activities. It is the responsibility of the wearer to do this.


The Principal, in consultation with the Governors of the College, will decide on the suitability of the appearance of a student attending the College – extreme hair styles, of either cut or colour, are not permitted.


Please click on the links below to read the letter to parents regarding uniform change, and images of the new clothing.

Uniform from September 2018

Uniform from 2018 Images