Year 9 Options

How to submit your Options choices

All of the information that you need on how to submit your Options choices using the SIMS Parent App is contained in the letter below, from Sara Jacobs (Deputy Principal):

How to submit Options Choices via SIMS Parent App

Year 9 Virtual Options Evening

To read the Y9 Virtual Options Evening letter click the link below.

Letter to parents re Virtual Options Evening 1st Feb 21

To view Ms Jacobs’ presentation about the Key Stage 4 Curriculum and the Virtual Options Evening, please use the link below:

On Thursday evening, you will be able to click on the links within the table below to access the Virtual Options Evening ‘Question & Answer’ sessions.  Please note the timings that each subject teacher is available, as shown on the grid – you can join the meeting to ask your question at any point within the scheduled 30-minute time-slots.  This will hopefully allow you to hop between meetings as necessary, and chat with all the teachers you wish to.

*Change to schedule: Sara Jacobs (Deputy Principal) will now be available for one hour, between 6pm-7pm (the 4.30pm-5.00pm slot has been removed)*

Teacher Q&A sessions - Year 9 Options 2021

Fine Art Q & A
Marc Brooks
5.00-5.30 & 6.00-6.30
Photography Q & A
Marc Brooks
5.00-5.30 & 6.00-6.30
Child Development Q&A
Nicola Bennett
5.30-6.00 & 6.30-7.00
Computer Science Q&A
Andy Workman
5.00-5.30 & 6.00-6.30
Creative Media Q & A
Andy Workman
5.00-5.30 & 6.00-6.30
Dance Q & A
Helen Elliot
4.30-5.00 & 5.30-6.00
Design and Technology Q&A
Ben Arthur
5.30-6.00 & 6.30-7.00
Drama Q & A
Rachel Keene
5.00-5.30 & 6.30-7.00
Food and Nutrition Q&A
Alison Crook
4.30-5.00 & 6.00-6.30
French Q&A
Helen Coley
4.30-5.00 & 5.30-6.00
Geography Q & A
Zoe Klampfer-Hall
5.00-5.30 & 6.30-7.00
History Q & A
Maddie Nash
4.30-5.00 & 6.00-6.30
Music Q&A
Emma Williams
5.00-5.30 & 6.00-6.30
Physical Education Q&A
Julian Powell
4.30-5.00 & 5.30-6.00
Separate Sciences Q&A
Maria Serven
5.00-5.30 & 6.00-6.30
Sport Studies Q&A
Julian Powell
4.30-5.00 & 5.30-6.00
Spanish Q&A
Helen Coley
4.30-5.00 & 5.30-6.00
Religious Studies Q&A
Zoe Brotherton
5.30-6.00 & 6.30-7.00
Maths Q & A
Michelle Barratt
English Q&A
Viv Oldfield
Ms Jacobs - Deputy Principal Q&A
Sara Jacobs

Year 9 Options Process – Letter to Parents

To read the Y9 Options information letter click the link below.

Letter to Y9 parents – Options Process 2021

Year 9 Options ‘Assembly’

The link below takes you to the GCSE Options video presentation which Tutors talked through with their Year 9 groups in tutorial time on Monday, 18th January, 2021:

Options Booklet

Year 9 Options Booklet 2021

Options Grid

Confused by Core Subjects, Guided Options, Free Options and Reserve Choices?

This grid will help!  Completing the Options Grid will help you to structure your thoughts and make sure you choose the right number of subjects within the relevant categories.  Give it a go!

Year 9 Options Grid 2021

Core GCSEs

Core GCSE SubjectExam Board information
English LanguageEnglish Language - Edexcel Exam Board information
English LiteratureEnglish Literature - Edexcel Exam Board information
MathsMaths - Edexcel Exam Board information
ScienceScience - Edexcel Exam Board information

This link takes you to the General Science GCSE page - this is the Core syllabus. To view the Separate Sciences offered as an additional Options subject, please use the drop-down menus once you reach the General Science page.

GCSE Options Subjects

Click on the links within the table below to access videos and Exam Board information for these Optional Subjects.  Some subjects have also provided leaflets and website links, for further reading.  Enjoy!

Fine Art

PhotographyChild Development
Computer ScienceCreative Media ProductionDance
Design and TechnologyDramaFood Preparation and Nutrition
MusicPhysical EducationSeparate Sciences
Sport StudiesSpanishReligious Studies

Career Pilot

To support our Year 9 students with the options process, we are introducing them to an online platform called Career Pilot.  This is an excellent resource, providing up to date careers information for students and parents – helping to answer key careers-related questions.

This link takes you to the main site.  Students will set up their login details during school sessions:

Career Pilot Homepage

There is also an area for parents, to guide you on how to support your child:

Career Pilot – Parent Zone

The following tabs will be of particular interest:

  • Choices at 14: discusses the parent’s role in supporting your child and common questions.
  • Job sectors and growth areas: answers your questions about which employment areas will have more jobs now and in the future.
  • Videos for parents