Who Is She? – Resident Evil Biohazard

Jack- Father of the Baker family (used to be a construction worker)

Marguerite- Mother of the Baker family (hates bugs/insects, used to be a social worker)

Lucas- Son of Jack and Marguerite (a hacker and specialist with making traps…for his sister)

Zoe- Daughter of Jack and Marguerite (adventurous and curious)


Act 1:

(In the Baker Residence: New Orleans)

(Kitchen/Dining Room: Main House)

Jack: Zoe will you stop watching that damn thing again.

Zoe: Sorry pa.

Marguerite: You don’t need to be sorry bout nothin.

Lucas: She be watchin that damn crap again ain’t she.

Marguerite: Now watch your mouth Lucas.

(Zoe turns the TV off)

(Lightning crack)

Jack: Sounds like that storm gonna be hitting soon.

Marguerite: Now now. We have all the comfort in here don’t we.

(Lunges for Lucas’s phone)

(Lucas slides away from her)

Marguerite: Get off your damn phone Lucas!

Lucas: But Ma I have to get this set up.

(He runs upstairs)

Marguerite: If you go upstairs you won’t have any supper!

(Lucas doesn’t come down)

Jack: I need to go and check out our old house. We don’t want no one running around all Jason do we?

Marguerite: Alright dear.

(Kisses Jack on cheek)

Marguerite: Don’t be long.

(Jack leaves the house)

Zoe: Ma (turns the TV back on) have you heard there’s a ship that’s gone missing.

Marguerite: (Not paying attention) That sounds wonderful dear.

Zoe: Right well I’m goin out in our garden.

Marguerite: Dinner is nearly ready so don’t be long.

(Zoe goes out into the garden wearing her raincoat and holding her torch)

Zoe: Now…

(Walks toward caravan)

(Sees light on)

Zoe: Who left the damn ligh…

(Mia Jumps her)

Mia: (exhausted) Help me please.

Zoe: Now now you’re alright.

(Mia faints into Zoe’s arms)

Zoe: (Screams) Ma!

(Marguerite sprints to her aid)

Marguerite: Oh lord. Quick get her into the caravan.

(Zoe carries Mia to the caravan)

Marguerite: Oh look. She left her stuff in the caravan as well.

(Zoe stares at the case. It looks like a military briefcase)

Marguerite: (Zoe is just about to open the lock on the case) Now don’t you be looking in other people’s belongings.

Zoe: Sorry.

(A centipede crawls up Marguerite’s shoulder)

Zoe: Ma there’s a bug on your shoulder.

Marguerite: (Shocked) Oh heck!

(She swats it off)

(Zoe examines Mia)

(Mia is wearing a slick, agent like, suit and has thick brown hair. Her face is pale)

(Marguerite exits)

Zoe: Who are you?

(She looks down and sees a name badge. “Mia”)

Mia: (Uttering while asleep) Eveline. Evie. Mummy is here.

Zoe: Who the hell is Evie?

(Zoe hears a gunshot from outside)

(She enters into the garden)

(Lucas has a shotgun in his hand and a giant dead rat over his shoulder)

Lucas: How the God’s name could a rat grow this size.

Zoe: Lucas, shut up and go away.

(Lucas shoots a bullet at her feet but it hits the ground by them)

Lucas: A bullet is all it will take (laughs).

Act 2:

(Jack enters the house)

(He is holding a young girl)

Jack: Darlin, found this one by the side of the river.

Marguerite: Ah she’s so young. She can have Lucas’s old room for the night.

Lucas: No way!

Marguerite: Now now Lucas, I’m sure you don’t mind.

(Jack carries the girl upstairs)

Marguerite: (Hands full with clothes) Bring these upstairs for her.

Zoe: Ok Ma.

(Zoe climbs up the stairs with the clothes to Lucas’s room)

Jack: Now now put those with her and let her rest. I think we all had enough excitement for one night.

(Jack walks off)

(Zoe goes beside her bed)

Zoe: She looks so pale and cold.

(Kisses girl on head)

Zoe: Don’t worry. We’re here.

(Eveline opens her eyes to face Zoe)

Eveline: They’re mine now.

(Lights go out)

Zoe: Ma! Dad! Power must have gone out.

(There’s a loud THUD! Downstairs)

Lost in the Maze Game by Lily Davey

Once upon a time there was a girl called Lily and she hated her life because she had two twin baby sisters called Lara and Cara and two twin brothers call Jack and Zach and she was the only one without a twin. Her other siblings got all of the attention and she was jealous of them and so she felt left out and felt like she didn’t belong in her family.

One night she decided to go on her phone and downloaded a horror game. It started normally enough, then a pop up appeared stating that she had three wishes. She thought she’d play along and wished that 1. She had no siblings; 2. She was rich; and 3.She had different parents. Suddenly, there was a POOF of smoke and a ghost appeared and she got dragged by the ghost into the game and in this virtual reality all her wishes had come true: she was rich, had no siblings, and had the best parents where she could get anything in the world she wanted.

She didn’t like it and she wanted to go back but the ghost told her that in order to get back to the real world she would have to complete all the levels of the game. Panicking, she completed the first and second level easily but the third and last level were much harder. In Level 3 she had to swim through lava as quickly as possible otherwise she would die – she did it with only one second to spare! Then in the last level she had to kill a big giant green slimy monster and she was covered in slime and she nearly died multiple times but as the monster died, there was suddenly another POOF of smoke and she was back home. She deleted the game immediately. She was reunited with her family and loved them all just as they were and realised she loved her life just as it was.


Holiday Away, Chapter 4: Team Day by Troubled Teen

It’s 11:00 and it’s team day. The tui team were sat in the inside bar talking about the activities.
I walk through the main bar. The team were sat around a couple of tables talking.
“Hello guys! Team day today.” I laugh. Apparently they’ve won every team day but one.
“Oh there’s our girl. Katie can we speak to you?” James gestures to sit down. Slowly I waddle over to the edge of the stage. James begins talking. The want me on the tui team. Joy fills my body, I’ve been waiting for this, I’ve so wanted to feel like one of the team and I agree to join. Suddenly I feel hands on my shoulders, James is holding me still while Sam places a blindfold on me. I begin to slowly panic. I hate surprises. Mid panic something touches my hands. It feels slightly rough. Then they take off my blindfold. The item in my hands is a light blue entertainer tui top. It is official. I am part of the team.
Katie walks back in the room in her tui top. She looks amazing.
“You look amazing.” Abi says. She walks up to us.
“Well what’s the first activity.” Quickly we discuss the activities for the day. A massive smile appears when we mention rounders and football. As a team we stroll over to the shed, We’re all talking and laughing. When we get to the shed Katie looks over to her family. Her smile fades ever so slightly to a frown. It kills me to see her sad. She looks away and then at me, her smile grows. Suddenly James’s voice echos throughout the poolside. It’s time for the first activity, ‘Go Fetch’.
Rounders, the third activity is only a few minutes away. We’re tying 1-1.
“Hey Katie pass me a cone.” She comes over with the cone on her head. She lets it drop at my feet. As a team we set up our game. We are bound to win. We always win. Finally the time comes, the rounders game is on.
*10 mins later*
It was Katie’s turn to hit the ball. She’s ready. Like a flash the ball soars through the air. Katie has hit it flying towards the fence. She begins to run like the wind. The tui team cheer her on, with each step her smile grows. She knows she’s bound to make it. Suddenly the balls gets launched our way. It’s going to be a close call. Without notice Katie slides across the floor. As she stands up I spot blood slowly dripping down her leg. She doesn’t seem to care. Slowly she limps back, pain kicking in. All of a sudden she falls again as her knees buckle.
“Katie you ok?” I rush over to her side. Ashleigh runs over too.
“Yea I’m actually fine, my knees just went. I didn’t get a lot of rest last night.”
“I didn’t get a lot of rest last night.” Gently I touch my leg. It stings. I gaze down, blood drips down. Suddenly a pair of hands lift me up. It’s James.
“Come on kid, first aid we go.” He walks me over to the first aid room. As soon as a doctor starts cleaning me up James decides to leave and go help win the game. I have to sit in the room alone for a few minutes. As fast as time could fly I was allowed back out to the pitch. The team don’t notice I’m back until I jump on Ashleigh’s back. The game is back on.
We’ve won. It’s now 2-1. Katie insists on continuing to play. As the day flies by we win the whole day 3-2. We have only lost team day once in the time we have been here. I can’t wait for our performance tonight.
No one:
21:30 and the show’s about to begin. The lights are dim and the stars above shone bright in the sky. “Hellllo Bonaire! Our team day show will be on in 5 mins so can we advise that all kids stay out the way of the steps of the stage and away from the steps coming down from the bar. Thank you and enjoy.” It’s time. They’re ready, the guests are ready. The show is ready to begin. Suddenly the music for the greatest showman – greatest show comes on. Then Katie’s voice appears at the back near the bar. “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the moment you’ve waited for.” As the song builds up the tui team run out on stage. Then the chorus hits.
“So tell me do you wanna go?
Where it’s covered in all the coloured lights
Where the runaways are running the night
Impossible comes true, it’s taking over you
Oh, this is the greatest show.”
Now all the team are dancing together. As the song begins to come to end the crowd are smiling. “This is the greatest show!” The guests cheer and clap. The team get ready for another song. They are rocking the night away.
It is time for me to sing alone. I’m ready. The music begins playing.
“The moment you arrived, they built you up
The sun was in your eyes, you couldn’t believe it.”
I feel my hands shaking as I sing. As I look around I see the guests smiling, children sitting there listening to each word.
“But nobody knows you now
When you’re dying in LA
And nobody owes you now
When you’re dying in LA.”
When the song finishes, Ash and Abi meet me backstage.
“That was absolutely amazing Katie.”
No one:
The show comes to an end and everyone goes off to bed. As Katie slowly drifts off to sleep her phone buzzes.
“Hey sweetie! Saw the video of you singing”
It’s her mum.
Katie has a half hour conversation. Then it goes down hill.
“Mum! They treat me wonderfully and there’s nothing wrong with them”
Things are getting heated.
“You know what mum, don’t message me until you realise that I’m with the best people”
She turns off her phone and cries into her pillow. Slowly she drifts off to sleep.

Holiday Away, Chapter 3. By Troubled Teen


Ur so fat

Hateful messages fill my phone.

Get a life loser

I can’t do nothing to stop it. Then it hits me hard.

Go kill yourself!

Instantly I turn off my phone and go to get dressed. I force back the tears.

“You ready Katie?”

“Er yea….” I slip on my flip flops. It’s time for breakfast. The comments spiral around my head. I try to block them out. I need to focus.

Your parents deserve better

Each word destroys me on the inside.

I’m out on the sunbed. Thoughts swimming around in my head.

“Katie!” Tiana and Sophia jump on top of me. “Come swim!” They beg and beg. Hopefully this will take everything off my mind. Quickly I dive head first into the pool. The water drains everything away. The clear blue water fascinates me. As I turn into back stroke. I hear the sounds of the water coming in contact with a body. My cousin have jumped in too. While we swim around Joe make the announcements. His voice creates vibrations in the water. I feel the worries fading away. I stand up. Birds chirping can be heard from a mile off. As I clamber out the pool to get a drink I hear my phone go off. My friend’s calling me. Quickly I dash inside. My friend’s concerned voice echos throughout my phone’s speakers. She warns me not to check Instagram. I do it anyway. I’m so stupid.

Check out this weirdo….

Hate comments fill my sight. My heart breaks. Suddenly I burst out into tears. I can’t keep it back anymore. I hear footsteps from behind me. A soft voice begins speaking, a voice I haven’t heard before. She asks if i’m ok. I just shake. She sits down next to me. I try to explain. All that comes out is gibberish. Slowly I turn my phone around. Her eyes widen at the messages. Then she says something that i’ll never forget.

“If you need me come find me.” I feel better. She passes the phone back to me. I watch as the figure in the dark blue t-shirt walks away. Another comment pops up. I feel myself shaking. I need to sort this out.


As I walk into the main bar I see a figure sat on the sofas. They throw their phone at the sofa opposite. It’s Katie. She looks as if she’s giving up. I go up to her.

“Hey Katie. What’s up?” She instantly looks up. Her eyes hold back tears. Her hand points towards the phone on the sofa. I pick it up. Messages of hate fill the screen. I’m shocked. How can such things been said about an amazing child? The messages go on for ages. I lean down to hug her. We talk for about an hour.

Katie’s mum:

Katie walks outside with one of the entertainers. I need to keep them apart. I don’t want anyone keeping my baby away from me all holiday. She spends every hour with them lot.


Being with the entertainers takes my mind off things. They help me a lot. When I’m with them I feel a better person. Now I have a lot of people to talk to: Ashleigh, Abi, James, Joey and the lovely kids club rep Gemma. I hope the rest of the holiday goes well.


As I set up for Killer Skittles I notice Katie walk out of the main bar. Her eyes look a little red. It looks like she has been crying.

“Katie what’s up?” She stands still no words leave her mouth. She goes to open her mouth. Instead she passes me her phone. She has it open on messages.

Why aren’t you dead already?

Haven’t you drowned yet?

Fat four eyed freak

The words hit me hard. I gaze into her eyes. This is not right. She’s been told to cut, kill and more. As I move my gaze from her eyes slowly back towards the phone I notice something. She has cuts on her arm. I place her phone on the stage. Gently I take her arm. Her eyes turn from calm to worried. My thumb runs over her cuts. Tears are forming in both our eyes. I see Ash walking up behind Katie so I drop her arms. Ashleigh looks at me confused. I gesture at the phone then her arms. Her mouth makes an ‘o’ shape. We soon set up for skittles. Katie sits still and watches.

“So Katie do you want to join in today and play killer skittles?” She just nods and hums the tune to a song. “Hey Katie what’s that song?” She goes to show us her phone but then she moves it away.

“It’s High Hopes by Panic! At the disco.” A small smile falls across her face.

“So what bands do you like?” Gradually her smile grows.

“Well I listen to Panic!At the disco and My Chemical Romance and Twenty One Pilots.” Before people arrive we talk and we make an agreement that we’ll go down to the recording studio again. I hope this girl gets better.

Holiday Away, Chapter 2: Confidence? By Troubled Teen

7:30 and my alarm goes off. It’s my second day in Mallorca. Yesterday was just amazing. Slowly I crawl out of bed. I drag myself to my wardrobe and take out a pair of shorts and my blue top.
“Right let’s go.” It’s time to eat. When i go outside I am bombarded by my little cousins.
“Katie!” They scream as they run. I just stand there laughing. Soon enough we are let in to eat our breakfast.
As I go up to get food I start to sing as quietly as I can. It’s one of my favourite songs: High Hopes.
“Nice singing Katie.” I jump a little. James is behind me.
“Ah… thank you James. I continue placing hash browns on my plate.
“Hey you should ask the girls if you could use their recording studio.”
“They have a studio?” My eyes light up. He nods. “Omg! Amazing. Ill have to ask.” I smile as I walk off. “Thanks James.” I hope they’ll let me.
“Hey Ash do you know what the activities are for today?” I say as we walk to work.
“Um I know there’s rounders and poolside karaoke, other than that I don’t know.”
“Okay then.” We walk up the steps to the hotel. I’m ready for the day ahead. When we walk in I walk straight to the inside stage to put my bag away. As I go to get breakfast I check the activity board.
I walk into the food hall, all the smiling families catch my eye, I feel happy. Slowly I walk over to the buffet and grab my plate. The smell of freshly cooked food fills the air. Walking down the buffet I spot Katie, she has a slight frown on her face. I decide to ask her what’s on her mind.
“Oh I’m okay I was just thinking.”
“Thinking about what?” She looks me in the eyes. She stays silent.
“Just home stuff.” Her eyes move down.
“Wanna talk about it?” She sighs, I can tell something is up.
“Not right now.” A small fake smile seeps out.
“Well remember I’m here if you need me. And i’m sure Abi will help you if you ask her.”
“Thanks Ash.” She looks like she’s worried. “Ash…?” I nod. “James caught me singing earlier and he mentioned that you and Abi have a recording studio. I-I was wondering if I could record something.” I smile and gently place a hand on her shoulder.
“Of course. Just come find me or Abi and we’ll take you down there.”
“Thank you so much Ashleigh.” I begin to walk off and eat.
Slowly I drag myself off my sun bed. My cousins want me to take them to Ash and Abi’s party dance class.
“Right come on girlys.” They begin jumping. As we enter the main bar I see Ashleigh sat on the edge of the stage.
“Katie, come on.” Tiana says pulling my shirt. I fly forward. Crash! I fall on the floor, two chairs fall onto of me. I feel as if I can’t breathe.
“Katie!” The two girls scream. “Katie, I’m sorry.” I lay there in shock. Desperately, Tiana  tries to pull a chair off me. Suddenly I hear loud foot steps coming towards me. It’s Ashleigh.
“Oh my god Katie you ok?” Ash lifts both chairs off me.
“Katie I’m sorry.” Tiana cries into my shoulder.
“Aww sweetie I’m ok. Just shocked.”
“Ay what happened in here?” Abi walks in holding two bottles of water.
“Katie accidentally fell and two chairs fell on her.” I smile.
“Now girls you okay here?” Before they can answer Abi asks if i’m joining in. I look at the girls. Their eyes full of hope. I can’t say no.
After all the kids leave I go up to Ashleigh and Abi.
“Hey Ash thanks for earlier.”
“It’s ok. How do you feel?” I look down.
“Slightly sore but better.” I look up. Our eyes meet. “Ash, you know earlier I mentioned what James said.” She nods. Abi looks confused. “Well I was wondering if I could go down later when you’re both free.”
“Of course. Abi, Katie was wondering if she could record a song later.”
“Oh yea that would be nice.” She beams a massive smile at me.
“Now we better be off, see you soon.” They start to walk off. “Meet you at 2.”
It’s 2pm and I stroll inside to meet Katie and Abi. As I enter I see Katie sat on the sofa looking at her phone. There is a sense of anger roaming round her.
“Hey Katie you ok?” As quick as a flash her head shoots up.
“Er…. yea I’m fine.” There’s fear, anger and sadness within her eyes.
“Hello guys! Ready to record songs?” Abi walks past the stage.
“Yea!” Katie jumps up. We head down to the recording studio.
“So Katie, what song?” Katie wheels over to the laptop and scrolls through tons of songs. Then she stops.
“Can I sing Fight Song by Rachel Platten?” She turns to face us.
“Sure! Amazing choice.” Ashleigh beams.
“Ready?” I ask. She nods vigorously. I hit record.
Like a small boat on the ocean.” Before now I had never heard her sing. I look over to Ashleigh. She has a huge grin covering her face.
This is my fight song…” Her voice is amazing. Each word sang with passion. “Cause I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me.” I tap Ashleigh’s shoulder.
“Did you know she could sing?”
“Uh huh we sang together yesterday.” We both look at her. Her voice is so powerful. As the song comes to an end I feel tears forming. This kid has some talent.
Now I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me.” She hits record to stop it.
“That was amazing!” Me and Ashleigh say in sync. Katie turns around, tears streaming down her face. Instantly I run over to her side.
“Hey come here.” I pull her into a hug. Ash soon joins in.
“What’s all this for?” Ashleigh asks. I feel her sobbing getting harder. Obviously she’s not okay. She finally pulls away.
“Sorry that song always gets me.” She wipes her tears away.
“Want to talk about it?” Her eyes meet mine. She gulps. “In October I found out my friend had a tumour.” Ashleigh wraps an arm around her. “Then in January I found out it was cancer.” She shakes a little. “Ever since then we’ve called that her song.” I feel tears falling down her cheeks. I wish I could be there for her more. I pull her into a final hug.
“No matter what it is you come find us okay.” She nods. We all walk upstairs.
I love those two. They are so caring and more. As I reach the pool my cousins run up to me. They both hold onto my legs. I walk up to the edge.
“Right who wants to go in first.” I tease. Instantly they let go. I jump in. When I surface I see Abi looking at me. She waves me over.
“Hold on girls.” Quickly I swim over. “Hey Abi.” I climb out. Sneakily I flick water onto Abi’s arm. She comes over and flicks some at me. We have a mini water fight.
“Right, enough. Now I’ve seen how much you cherish those girls.” As I turn my head I see Tiana  jumping in the pool.
“Yea they mean the world to me.” I look into her blue eyes.
“Well how do you feel doing a show tonight? I bet they’d love it.” I’m speechless. It’s my dream to be an entertainer but my self confidence and anxiety has always gotten the better of me.
“I want to but I’m scared.” My eyes fall to face the pool floor. Abi places a hand on my shoulder.
“No worries. Come with me back to mine after the last activity and we’ll all help you.” My face glows. I look at my mum and it fades. Abi notices. She walks over to the kiddy pool where my mum’s sat.
“Right that’s sorted. Now go have fun. See you in a few minutes for splash out.”
Katie’s mum:
My little girl takes her place. Music begins playing. I have my camera ready. She begins. The words from How far I’ll Go flows out. She sounds like an angel. Her voice hits the notes perfectly. While I watch I see an entertainer looking at me. She sticks her thumbs up. I’m so proud of her. Shame she’s going to that Abi’s place.
Its 19:50 and the show starts at 20:00. Fear soars throughout my body. My name’s mentioned by Joey in the shed. It’s my cue. Kids screams fill the air. My nerves die down. With no problem the show continues.
As the show ends I feel like a different person. Today took a lot of confidence.

Holiday Away. Chapter 1: And it begins, by Troubled Teen

Amazing! I thought to myself as I stepped off the coach. We were finally here, finally in Mallorca. I grab my suitcase and I drag it up to the front doors. My eyes widen at the sight. We stand at the reception desk, little cousins running around.
“Katie! Katie! Come!” The youngest yells from across the room. Slowly I walk over to her.
“Right come on kids! Time to go to our rooms.” My auntie yells. As we begin moving a person with long blonde-purple hair walks past. She waves and says hello, she’s wearing a blue t-shirt with the word TUI across the back in red. I guess i’ll be seeing more of her.
It’s 11:30 and I’ve finished unpacking. I slowly make my way outside. The sun beams down on my back, I need a shady spot to sit in, I see it. As I sit down I think of a song. Titanium, I open my mouth, the words soon flow out, my voice fills the area.
“I’m talking loud not saying much.” I hear the voice of a girl coming from the air hockey tables. I’m fascinated. Silently, I tip toe over to the girl. Her voice is music to my ears.
“You shoot me down, but I won’t fall I am titanium, I am titanium, I am titanium.” I decide to join in.
“Stone hard, machine gun, firing at the ones who run, stone hard as bulletproof glass.” Our voices soon come together. After a brief moment we sing our last notes. We sound amazing. Now it’s time to introduce myself.
“Hello, my name is Ashleigh Boo but you can call me Ashleigh or Ash. I’m one of the entertainers here. What’s your name?” I wait for an answer.
“Katie.” She seems shy.
“You have a nice voice Katie. You should try and get a job that involves singing.” A small smile escapes.
“Thank you Ashleigh B-” She blushes deeply.
“Now I’d better be off the others need me, I’ll see you later yeah.” She nods. I walk off.
I go up to my room when I remember where my parents said they’ll be. Quickly I rush down to the pool to find my family laid out on sunbeds.
“Katie! Katie come in the pool!” My cousins Tiana yells. In one motion I take off my top and flip flops and pull my goggles on, 3…2….1… I jump into the pool. As I surface I hear my cousins’ laughter. Suddenly a loud voice fills the air.
“Good morning poolside, it’s me Jamming James here to tell you the activities of the day. At 12:00 we have our game of tumbling towers down by the outside stage with our fab Abi Bows and Joey G. Then at 1pm we have our football, welcome to anybody. 2 o’clock we have our daytime quiz here around the pool. Who will be our winner? At 3pm we have our killer darts down by the air hockey tables. And finally at 16:00 we have our splash out where we are playing splash bingo, so those are our activities for today. We will see you soon for our tumbling towers in 15 minutes. Bye poolside.”
I knew what I was doing today.
“I wonder who’s going to arrive today for football?” I say to Abi.
“Well I see someone coming up now.” As I look at the figure nearing us I realise who it is.
“Hello Katie! You playing footy?” She smiles.
“Yea I am.” Suddenly the sound of little feet come up from behind us.
“KATIE!” Two little girls come running up to her. They put their arms out.
“Hello girlies.” She lifts both girls up. “Okay girls meet Ashleigh Boo.” The girls wave at me.
“Hello girls! Oh Katie, this is Abi Bows.”
“Hey Katie.” We all stand talking while more people arrive.
“Switch!” I yell. Katie goes on the pitch again. Her team gets the ball. A few moments in she has the ball. She lines up with the goal and shoots, it goes in. A smile beams on her face.
“Yay! Go Katie!” Her family yell. I stand watching not noticing Ash talking to try and get my attention.
“Abi!” She says right next to my ear. That got my attention.
“Er…yes Ash?”
“Do you reckon James would let us bring Katie on stage or by the shed to do party dances?” I look at her for a while.
“Well I could quickly ask.” She nods. I begin to run off.
“James, me and Ash were just talking and there’s this girl who we want to do party dances with us. Is that allowed?” I stand there in silence.
“Sure but does she know the moves?” I shrug my shoulders. I have no idea.
“Well then it’s up to you two to teach them.” I nod.
“Thanks James.” I dash back to Ashleigh.
Football is over so I walk over to my bottle. I’m met by a grinning Ashleigh and Abi.
“H-Hello Ladies.” I’m exhausted.
“Hello Katie.” Ash begins. We stand there taking for a while. They want me to do the party dances with them. I agree. Slowly, we make our way down to the practice room. They turn on the lights. My eyes feel instantly blinded. We begin.
We begin our first song. I believe it’s called purple people eater. They begin dancing so I attempt to join in. Soon the chorus kicks in.
“One eye, one horn, purple people eater.” The song belting out from the speakers. I feel myself picking up the moves. Finally the song comes to an end. I feel happy.
“Well done Katie, that was amazing!” Abi says. “High five.” I go up to her and give her a high five.
“Yea well done. Ready for the next one?”
“Absolutely!” The next song plays. After a few minutes of dancing we finally decide to go up. We’re just in time.
“Right we must go because we need to get the paint ready for later and we need to eat. See you by the pool.” Abi and Ash leave.
The day flies past so fast that 4pm soon comes. I am ready.
“Katie….” My little cousin Sophia pulls at my top.
“Yes Sophia?” I let my hand run through her silky blonde hair.
“Arw you going to do the bingo?”
“Yes sweetie, yes I am.” I giggle and lift her up. Slowly I make my way to the bar. I begin pouring myself a cup of water.
“Hellllloooo poolside.” James voice fills the speakers. “We have our splash bingo coming up in 15 minuets time so get your jumping legs ready.” As I place my drink down I see my cousins in the pool. I decide to join them. Sneakily I walk around the pool for a safer place to jump. I get ready. Splash! I hit the water. I can hear a faint scream from under the water. Ashleigh was stood behind me as I jumped.
“Oh my god so sorry Ashleigh.” I give a small apologetic smile.
“It’s ok.” She walks off. I continue to play with my cousins.
It was time. Splash bingo was about to begin. I climb out of the pool.
“Hey Katie. You playing?” Abi asks me.
“Yep I’m up for it.”
“Katie… can I join you?” My cousin, Tiana asks while pulling my arm. I look at Ash and Abi questioningly? Ashleigh kneels down.
“Do you want to join in with Katie?” Tiana nods.
There are only two numbers left, 13 and 35. The microphone gets picked up.
“The last number to jump is…. 35.” We’ve won. Me and Tiana have won.
“Can our winner/winners please make their way to the shed please.” Slowly we make our way across. My auntie has her camera out. When we reach the shed we’re asked our names. I feel so happy but not for me, for Tiana. As Tiana walks away I get told to stay. It is time for the party dances.
“So that was it for today but we never end without our party dances.” A man named Joey G said into the mic. “Now before we begin we wanted to introduce a special guest. Put your hands together for Katie.” I walk to the pool with Ash and Abi behind me. He hits play. I am ready to shine.
Finally the last song comes to an end. I feel worn out. I feel happy. Is this my destiny?

Murderous Hotel. Chapter 1: Performance Fails, by Troubled Teen

It was 23:00 in Cala Bona and the lights were still on in the hotel Protur Bonaire Aparthotel. The entertainment was coming to a close and the guests were becoming tired. Most of them anyway. As the last song came to the end, a tall, slim man wearing black skinny jeans and a dark blue hoodie began walking towards the inside bar. He took his place. Time came around and it was his time to move. Now was time.
“OMG that was amazing!” The performers started to leave the stage and began getting closer to the hidden figure. He was ready.
“Right silence and follow me!” He began. “No ifs or buts. Nothing.”
Scared faces fill the room.  Slowly the six performers were herded down to a hidden room.
“STATE YOUR NAMES! FULL NAMES! NOT STAGE NAME!” He commanded. One by one they went down the line.
“Joey Gregory..”
“James Grant.”
“Dan Jones.”
“A-Ash Taylor.”
“A-…” She was cut off by a booming voice echoing throughout the room.
“A-Ashleigh Taylor.” She began shaking.
“Abi-Rose Plucknett.”
They were all to stay in silence. Not for long.
“W-why are we here?” Abi asked.
“Well I brought you here to dance for me and if ANY of you step out of line and speak when not spoken to.” He pulls out a knife. “You’ll be a goner.” They all gulp. Slowly he walks over to the laptop and looks through songs. “Let’s see shall we? I know.” He began to mock their voices. “let’s all do the Jelly man…” With that the 5 of them stood up. He instantly hit play. As the song ended Dan spoke up.
“Say how long are you keeping us here?”
“What did I say about talking? Here now.” Venom filled his voice. Carefully Dan shuffled closer.
“Before he goes any words from you guys?”
“Bye bud, you were amazing!” James says.
“Oh God, Danny Boy, i’ll miss you, you’ll forever be in my heart.”
Once all was said the man came closer to Dan.
“I won’t regret this.” He was gone. Blood covered the knife.
“One down, four to go.”

Scarlet Demon, Chapter 1 by starfox17 and dinorokz03

“Ember, run!” he shouted as the demon rose up from the ground. “Quick, if we kill it we can still make it to the capital on time!” He drew his sword and charged at the demon.

“Wait! It’s an S class demon, let me handle it!” Ember replied as the demon attempted to hit her, but she jumped onto the demon’s arm and sprinted up it. As she jumped, Ember drew her sword through the side of the demon’s head, and it fell to the ground. She landed. “There Dante. Finished!” she sniggered.


Ember and Dante had been friends for as long as they could remember. Both of Ember’s parents had died when she was seven, and she had gone to live with Dante’s family, so she had known him for twelve years. He was like a brother to her. When they turned eleven they had both decided to join the army, and after a few years they were at the top of the ranks.


“Hey, I had that! I could’ve handled it!” Dante shouted as he ran up to Ember. “Come on, let’s get going,” He added as they walked away. “If I’m correct we’re going to be partnered up for this mission. In my opinion we don’t need them; we are way too over-powered to be teamed up with a bunch of rookies. I think they should just send our squad: you, me, Ein and Lucy. Don’t you think so?” Dante whispered to Ember.

“Hey Dante, I’m not going on the mission. I’m leaving the academy. You can come if you want,” Ember said.

“Ember I would… I really want to, but the academy is everything to me. We’ll really miss you Ember,” Dante said sadly.

“Dante, it’s ok I understand. Tell the others I’m sorry. Bye Dante!” Ember said, smiling, as she walked away. “Goodbye!” Dante called after her.


Five years later


As the demon beast chased him, Liam screamed “Em! Get him before he bites my head off! Hurry!”

“On it! Riku, get the legs! Akari, get the small ones! I’m on the head!” Ember shouted in reply as she jumped on the demon’s back.

“It’s a C class wolf beast. If we kill its master, then they will all die.” Akari reminded everyone.

“Isn’t that what we’re here for? The whole point of the job is to kill the target!” grumbled Liam in an annoyed tone. “One of four legs done.” said Riku as he ran to chop off another leg with his demon blade: a rare sort of axe weapon.


Ember, Riku, Akari and Liam were known as Scarlet Demon: an assassin organisation known for their demon weapons, made from the blood of different demons. They had the only four ever made, which gave them a demon name, after the demon blood that was in their weapons. The wolf demon Riku with his axe, Blood Fang, the sea snake demon Liam with his M24 Sniper Weapon, Serpents Tail, the eagle demon Akari with her staff, Broken Feather, and finally the dragon demon Ember with her sword, Velvet Wing.


As Ember jumped she drew her sword and stabbed it right through the demon’s head. “There, done. Liam, Akari, Riku come on!” Ember shouted as they ran through the forest. “Ok, me and Riku will go after the target. Liam, Akari, go after the guards.” she said as they arrived at the target’s house.

“From my sources, the target is general Yamamoto, head of the Wolven squad. They are in charge of defeating C class demons and adding them to the army,” said Akari.

“Ok, attack!” yelled Ember. She and Riku jumped on the roof of the mansion, and Riku broke a hole into the roof. They jumped in to the hall. “General Yamamoto, prepare to die,” Ember said confidently as they ran towards the general. Drawing her sword, Ember cut the general’s arm clean off. The general then drew his sword, known as death blade, and charged at Riku. Just in time, he drew his axe and sliced off both of the general’s legs from beneath him. Ember walked up to the general and looked him square in the eyes. “Farewell, general,” she said as she sliced off his head. “Mission complete!”


As the two of them walked out the building, they saw that Akari and Liam had defeated all of the guards. “Good work you two. We’re done here.” Ember said cheerfully as she pulled from her pocket a small teleport crystal, and they teleported to their base. “Everyone, I’m going to head to town. See you guys later.” Ember said as she walked off.


When Ember got to town, she noticed some wanted posters of her team. “It’s too risky to send the others; luckily they don’t know what me and Riku look like,” she thought to herself as she walked. When she got back to base, she saw that Riku was training with Liam. “Hey Riku, try not to kill Liam!” she laughed.

“Hey! That’s not funny!” Liam replied in annoyance. He had started to turn red. Ember walked inside the base, leaving Liam fuming. “Akari, can you go into town tomorrow and talk to the boss about getting some new members?” Ember asked Akari.

“Consider it done!” Akari answered happily. Ember walked outside again to see how Riku and Liam were doing. “Do you guys mind if I train with you for a bit?” Ember asked them, drawing her sword. “No, we don’t mind,” Riku said. “Right Liam? We don’t mind at all.”

“No not at all.” Liam replied. Ember walked up to them and they began the training.

After a few hours, they went inside their base. It was a large, spacious cottage type building where they planned all of their missions and trained, the core of their team. “I’m going to start on dinner. What do you guys want?” Ember asked everyone.

“You can pick Ember.” Akari replied, as her, Liam and Riku sat down, excited to see what Ember was going to cook up for dinner. Ember turned on the oven and ran to the cupboard to get the ingredients. Twenty minutes later she placed on the table four steaming plates of Teriyaki Salmon. “Dig in!” Ember announced happily as she sat down at the head of the table. “So how is it?”

“It’s amazing!” replied Riku as he shoved it all into his mouth. “Best food I’ve ever had.”

After dinner, everyone was very tired. “Good night guys. Akari, don’t forget about getting new members in the morning, and I have three new jobs for us. We’ll discuss them in the morning; now let’s hit the hay.” Ember said then headed upstairs. The scarlet demons had been staying in a small five bedroomed cottage in the woods whilst the academy, a much larger assassin squad who the scarlet demons had done some jobs for and were allied with, were rebuilding their old house which burnt down (due to a Liam cooking incident).


Ember walked into her room. It was the biggest bedroom in the house. She sat down on her small red single bed and lay back on the black pillows, lost in thought as she stared out of the large window, white curtains blowing about in the slight breeze. She finally got up and pulled on her pyjamas, still thinking as she looked at a picture of her and her old friend and partner, Dante. A knock at her door broke her train of thought. “Coming,” Ember called as she ran to the door. She opened it and to her surprise, stood at the door was Liam. “Umm Ember, have you seen my pyjamas?” Liam asked anxiously as he scratched his head.

“Oh yeah, I saw Riku burning them. He said that they smelt really bad.” Ember said as she smiled.

“Really! I’m going to kill him!” Liam grumbled angrily. Ember laughed and smiled “You!” Liam shouted, annoyed.

“You’re so gullible! No, Riku didn’t burn your pyjamas! They’re in the washing room.” Ember laughed .

“Thanks, Em good night.” Liam said smiling as he walked away.

The next day, Ember awoke to the sun’s light glimmering through the window. She immediately left her bed and walked towards the wardrobe, swinging the door wide open. “What should I wear today?” Ember wondered to herself. She would normally wear her armour for a mission, but today she was going to wear her black and red kimono t-shirt, and her black trousers. She quickly dressed and ran downstairs. “Ok everyone, let’s get going,” she looked at them all as she spoke and in doing so she realised that Akari wasn’t there. “Where’s Akari gone?” she said, shocked. It was unlike Akari to be late. “She left to get the new members, remember?” Riku answered as he turned to open the front door. “Let’s go.”

“Yeah!” Ember and Liam shouted they marched out the door. They started to run. After a while, they arrived at the outskirts of town. Ember pointed to the roofs of the houses as a signal to Liam and Riku. At the same time all three of them jumped and safely landed on the roof of a large house and started to run across the rooftops. “Em, how long until we get to the first target?” Liam questioned Ember as they jumped off another building and continued to run. Ember stopped and Liam and Riku stopped behind her. “We’re here,” Ember said in answer, and she pointed towards a mansion nearby. The three of them jumped down and drew their weapons. “We’ll split up and go after all of the targets that live here, ok?” she whispered, and Liam and Riku went different ways. Ember charged towards the house. She got to the door and opened it, then walked in, and was immediately face to face with the first target. She raised her sword and smiled; blood sprayed everywhere as she stabbed him.


As she removed her sword from the body, she heard a voice. “Hey! What do you think you’re doing!” yelled the voice. Ember turned around to see a blond boy, sword pointed towards her. “How could you kill these people? What did they do to you?” He charged at Ember, and she quickly blocked. The boy didn’t slow down, and he continued to swing and stab, but she dodged lightly and blocked, yet not able to get a single attack in. Flashbacks of training with Dante came to her.

After a while, Ember spotted another target in the distance. “Run!” shouted the boy, spotting the girl too, but it was too late; Ember stabbed her. She turned to the boy. “Why do you want to help these people? They’re murderers, they kill for fun. My employer’s entire family was killed by them. Why help them?” Ember questioned him. The boy looked at Ember, a shocked expression on his face. “No! You’re lying! They would never do that!” the boy denied as he charged at Ember again. Blood splattered on the ground; he had manged to stab her in the arm. Ember darted away, blood trailing behind her, she turned towards the door. It had a large lock, and Ember placed her hand on it. It glowed bright yellow and the lock vanished the door swung open. Inside was thousands of bodies, soaked in blood. The boy stared open-mouthed at a lady stood in the middle, holding a blood-stained knife. Running towards her, he shouted, “How could you do this Yui! I trusted you! I defended you! You…YOU MURDERER!” He raised his sword and sliced Yui clean in half. Then he knelt over the body, tears rolling down his face.


After a few minutes, Ember walked towards him. “Come with me kid, I’m sorry.” She wrapped her arm around his shoulder and they walked out of the house. Standing out on a blood-soaked field was Liam and Riku. “Who’s the kid?” asked Liam, confused, as Ember and the boy approached them. Ember turned to face the boy, ignoring Liam’s question. “Kid, I’m sorry about what happened today. I know you trusted these people. But if you come with us, there is a way to stop this sort of thing from repeating itself.” The boy said nothing, but his expression showed interest. “We are an assassin organisation, called Scarlet Demon. We avenge, we kill people like those we killed today. If you come with us, you can do the same,” she continued. The sadness in the boy’s eyes changed to anger. “I will join. I will join Scarlet Demon and help you kill murderers like Yui. And I will never trust anyone again.”

“No, you will.” Ember smiled at him. “My name’s Ember, and this is Liam and Riku. And Akari, our other team member, is back at base. You can trust us.” The boy smiled back and nodded. “I’m Sora. And I think we should get going.”

“Ok team, let’s go!” Ember announced to all of them as she threw a large blue crystal on to the ground. “Open,” said Ember as a portal appeared. She stepped through the portal, and the three of them followed after her. They ended up outside of their house and waiting for them was Akari and a young blond school girl. “Hi Ember, this is Lilith. She’s our new member,” Akari told them. The girl smiled cheekily and stepped forward. “Hi, I’m Lilith. It’s nice to meet you all.”

“It’s nice to meet you too Lilith. This is Liam and Riku and this is Sora.” Ember said, indicating her friends. Looking at Akari’s puzzled expression as she stared at Sora, she added “We found him in the target’s house, and he wants to join too.” Suddenly, she grabbed her wounded arm, grimacing in pain. “Ember, you’re injured!” Riku exclaimed, looking shocked as he ran to her. It was still bleeding a little. “I’m fine! Really! It will take only a few seconds to heal,” Ember reassured him.


“Sora, Lilith, come with me; I’ll show you around.” She walked over to the house, with them trailing after her. Ember opened the door and walked in. “This is the living room. The kitchen’s over there… umm sorry for the mess. Anyway, follow me!” She went to the stairs and turned and smiled at them. Sora’s cheeks flushed bright red. Ember went up the stairs and turned down the hall, gesturing to the room to the right. “This can be your room Lilith.” Suddenly she turned away from them and her expression went very serious. A strong breeze blew through the hall. She turned back, eyes fixed on them and she said in a deeper, darker tone, “Are you prepared to murder people to take a life? Are you prepared to sacrifice the things you care about? To save hundreds? Are you ready to kill as many people as it takes to save the empire you love?”

“Yes, we are prepared.” Sora and Lilith replied, slightly confused but assuming this was a normal thing for new members.


The wind stopped, and Ember turned and walked to the end of the corridor. She looked at them again, but she had a strangely pleased expression on her face. “This can be your room Sora. It’s Liam’s, but he sleeps on the sofa most of the time. So yeah, you two get settled and we can begin with dinner, anything you want in particular?” she said looking at the two of them, still smiling. She seemed to be completely different from before and made no reference to her questions. “Well, I don’t mind,” Sora muttered, looking back at her. He was really confused now. Lilith looked confused too but smiled and nodded. “I don’t mind either.”


Ember walked down the stairs. When she got to the bottom, she went into the kitchen where she started to make dinner. She tied her hair in a ponytail and grabbed her apron. Knives were flying, pans were sizzling as she cooked up the next meal. Sora walked down the stairs, still thinking about Ember’s strange speech before, but completely forget as he saw her cooking. He stopped at the bottom and stared at her, now thinking about how amazing and talented Ember was. Suddenly she stopped and looked at him like she was questioning what he was doing there. “Dinner’s done,” she said as walked to the table and placed two plates down. “WOW!” Sora looked amazed, gazing at the wonderful dishes she had created. Lilith ran down the stairs and went to the table. “I smelt food; it looks delicious!” she said as she sat down. “Why’s there only two? Are you not eating Ember?” Ember shook her head and walked out the back-door. Lilith assumed she was going to train. Sora watched her as she left and sighed. “She’s pretty cool, right?” he asked Lilith, still staring at the door Ember had disappeared through. Lilith smiled in with an evil look. “Someone’s in love!” she said in a mischievous sing song voice. Sora blushed extremely red and started to freak out. “W… what? NO! I’m not! What are you talking about!” Lilith giggled, enjoying his embarrassment.


“Liam, Riku, Akari, you get intel on the army.” Ember said to the three of them who had been waiting outside. As soon as they heard these words, they immediately used a portal to get to town. The three of them started going around town in cloak, trying to get information about the army. After a while, they met in a dark alley. “Liam, anything?” Riku asked him.

“No, nothing!” Liam said, sounding frustrated. “How about you Akari?”

“Yep! I got something an army solider told me. There’s a contest to find the best warriors in wolveanea,” Akari told them.

“But wolveanea is a massive country. Why do they need warriors?” Riku said. Akari looked grim, and reluctantly replied, “They’re making a Scarlet demon killing squad. They’re trying to eliminate us. They’re going to kill us all. Wipe us of the face of the earth.”


Lost and Found, Chapter 4 by Troubled Teen

“Okay class, let’s go down to IT4 to do our work!” I say while I let everyone leave.
“Miss! Miss! Caiden got pushed! Miss!” Some of the class are yelling “Miss, Zack’s pushed Caiden down the stairs!” I rush over to the crowd.
“ZACK GET HERE NOW!” Slowly Zack walks forward and I tell him to go to the Principal’s office. I kneel down next to Caiden to see if she’s ok. She’s breathing but she’s definitely injured. I go to cup her head and I feel something wet: blood. I quickly remove my hand.
“Right, someone call 999 and someone get another teacher, oh and get the school nurse. GO!”  I look down at Caiden. “It’s going to be ok.” Quickly Dani rushes forward.
“M-Miss is she o-ok?” She is shaking violently. I really don’t know what to say.
I need her to be ok. I need her. Why did Zack do that? There was no need. I step into the ambulance holding her hand, Miss Wilkins following behind me. Soon we reach the hospital.
*3 hours later*
Caiden is finally conscious and Jack and Signe arrived.
“Where’s my baby girl?” Jack cries. Signe hugs him tight. “She’ll be ok, look she’s waking up.”
I walk into the hospital room, Signe’s hand in mine. I look at my baby girl and I burst into tears. “Hello Darling! You ok?” I place one hand on her arm.
“Yes i’m fine just a bit sore that’s all.” She gives me a weak smile.
“Darling it’s ok to be sad, scared or even worried. You’ve been through a lot and we all support you. Now those bullies will be expelled for good now. You can be free again.” Singe places a hand on her head and rubs circles. We are going to get through this.
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