Climate Change Poetry (Year 7)

Earlier this term, in connection with the World’s Largest Lesson, our Year 7 students were encouraged to write poetry on the subject of Climate Change.

Miss Watts and Mrs Foulds, who judged the competition, were so excited by the responses received!  The poems submitted were of very high quality, and selecting a worthy winner turned out to be an extremely difficult task indeed.

In the end, first prize was awarded to an anonymous entry, entitled “I am the earth”, which ultimately was agreed to be the unanimous winner.

The complete list of prizes awarded were as follows:

1st Prize – “I am the earth” – anonymous

2nd Prize – untitled – Billy Hawkins

3rd Prize – “Climate change poem” – Bethan O’Dell, Jemima Plank, Isabella Fry and Rebekah Adams

Commendations – “Climate change” by Sylvia Reid and a further poem also entitled “Climate Change” by Amelie Quinnell.

All of the poems have been printed here, for your enjoyment.

Congratulations to all of these young poets for their excellent efforts on this difficult but important issue.

And if the anonymous Year 7 winner recognises their poem and would like to contact Miss Watts or Mrs Foulds, they would love to know who you are!

Climate Change Poetry - 1st Prize

Climate Change Poetry - 2nd Prize

Climate Change Poetry - 3rd Prize v2


Climate Change Poetry - Commendation1

Climate Change Poetry - Commendation2