‘Let’s Chalk about Mental Health’ – Fri 11th Oct

Thursday 10th October marks the World Health Organisation’s ‘World Mental Health Day’.

In connection with this, at lunchtime on Friday 11th October, CVCC are holding a ‘Let’s Chalk about Mental Health’ event.

This is an initiative promoted by Devon-based Gill Hayes, who is herself a suicide survivor and advocates for awareness of mental health issues and the removal of the stigma that surrounds them.

This week, there will be many events held locally where people are encouraged to chalk their own supportive messages about mental health.

Gill says: “Come and join us by chalking your message of support, hope and inspiration to those who may be struggling! You can make a difference. Just one message can be the start of someone’s journey to recovery. Your message might quite literally save a life. So come on let’s get chalking about mental health!”

Link to Gill Hayes’ webpage here: Let’s Chalk about Mental Health

Let's Chalk about Mental Health