A level Politics Conference in Westminster Monday 4th December

On Monday 4th December 18 Government and Politics students attended a Conference at Westminster Central Hall.

We had to leave Exeter at 06.15 and did not return until 23.10 but all of our students behaved perfectly (of course!) and all gained a huge amount from the day.

The speakers at the Conference included, Rt Hon John Bercow, Sir Keir Starmer, Rt Hon Anna Soubry, Clive Lewis, Sir Alan Duncan, Nick Clegg, Jess Phillips, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Ken Clarke. After the Conference we were all able to go to Downing Street where we were met by our local MP Sir Hugo Swire. From Downing Street we went into the public gallery of the House of Commons and had a brief visit to the House of Lords.

Several of our students attempted to ask questions of the Conference speakers and Maddy Ross and Gemma Olive were able to put questions to the speakers. Both were complimented for the quality of their questions.

Miss Jenkins gave up a non teaching day to join us on the trip. I would like to thank Miss Jenkins for being so generous and making this trip possible. I would also like to thank our students for being so mature, thoughtful and interested in the events of the day. the students involved were; Freya Westney, Gemma Olive, Joe Nisbet, Kelsey Marriott, Kody Nordqvist, Kristian Tyrrell, Lewis Hayne, Luca Assante, Maddy Ross, Marcus McCabe, Peter Betts, Sam Giles, Syed Alam, Tom Palmer, Verity Greenaway, Josie Holding, Mollie Guerin, and Reece Davies

Mrs Padden.

Mrs H Padden
Head of History
Teacher of Politics




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