Amnesty group provide a RAFT of activities…


Led by Miss Watt and Miss Borny, our Amnesty group did a fantastic job in raising awareness about the refugee crisis and collecting clothing, bedding and food for RAFT (Refugee Aid from Taunton). Many thanks to everyone who donated items !

The  Day included displays about the work of Amnesty in protecting human rights, dramatic presentations about the refugee crisis, and the opportunity to write letters of support to refugee children. At lunchtime there was a talent contest for  very brave students and staff, including a greatly appreciated lip synch of Bonnie Tyler by Miss Watt and Mrs Oldfield.

IMG_3950   IMG_3953 IMG_3954

The pictures below show members of the Amnesty Group loading donated items for RAFT into Miss Borny’s car…

      IMG_3969   IMG_3968     IMG_3980          IMG_3996

So, a strong educational purpose; raised awareness of a major crisis; charitable fund-raising; good fun; and excellent student organisation and leadership skills. A great way to end the term