Wednesday 19th July 3.20 p.m. Coach Information


As I mentioned in last week’s Newsletter, we need to head off some potential traffic congestion issues on Wednesday evening.

The coaches from Bude are due back at 3:00pm on Wednesday afternoon. In order to avoid possible gridlock, the coaches from Bude will offload on the College field.  Parents collecting their child (and bags of wet clothing) from Bude should also collect from the field, driving onto the field through the side entrance between the Sports Hall and the hedge for access with an exit route through the “plaza” area adjacent to the English block. (In effect, this will be a one-way system.) Clearly, we will have staff in place to guide and control traffic as there will be students on site.


Three of the six coaches from the visit to Woodlands will be making onward journeys as part of our normal CV bus “school runs”.  These will offload in the coach park and wait to fill with students. The other three Woodlands coaches will offload on to the pavement outside the College, again with staff supervision, so that they can make their onward journey; these students will then board their normal CV buses or Stagecoach or lift.

Hopefully, everything will go smoothly and according to plan. However, it would be very sensible to build in a few minutes’ delay into your schedule that evening. Also, if it is at all possible to delay your normal pick-up time by a few minutes, that would be very helpful indeed. Above all else, your patience will be greatly appreciated.


Dr Bawn