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Curriculum Intent 


Digital Media is now part of the everyday and constantly evolving. The intent of the curriculum is to develop students who are problem solvers and computational thinkers whilst also being aware of the constantly evolving technological landscape.

There are three strands to the curriculum intent for Digital Media: Digital Literacy, ICT and Computer Science. The essence of each is taught throughout the curriculum. Digital Literacy is a focus on functional skills that enable the safe navigation through the world and can be applied across all subjects such as the use of email and standard applications such as the office suite of software (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher) and internet applications e.g. Google Chrome. ICT is a focus on the application of software to support human activities considering the design, usability and trustworthiness to work with/develop digital artefacts. Computer Science is a more academic pursuit into the principals of computational thinking (Abstraction, Decomposition, Pattern Recognition and Algorithmic Thinking) and developing news systems through the use of programming techniques.

Students of the modern world encounter technology in every aspect of their lives. At Clyst Vale we offer a curriculum at KS3 which gives students all of the skills required to work and study ensuring IT skills.

Students have the opportunity to complete multimedia tasks and create their own videos, sounds, images and animations. Digital Media qualifications are taught at KS4.

A key part of our curriculum is computing which is studied from Year 7 and can become a focus in KS4 and KS5.

Underpinning all computing is a commitment to digital literacy and safety. Being able to use technology safely and evaluate content is a key skill of modern living and something we take very seriously at Clyst Vale.


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