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PE Curriculum Intent Statement

To deliver a broad and balanced curriculum that through variety and challenge enthuses students to acquire the skills, fitness and knowledge to follow a healthy lifestyle from school to community. The curriculum will meet the needs of all abilities and recognise issues surrounding students from varying genders, students with SEND and those students listed as Priority Learners. Course content will be delivered by expert practitioners who will use their knowledge of students to improve student performance at every level. Staff will seek to create an atmosphere where respect is evident, participation is fully inclusive and where staff and students enjoy working together to achieve success through learning.

The PE team at Clyst Vale Community College aims to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that will enthuse and engage students to achieve beyond their expectations. It will offer the opportunity to all students to develop the skills, fitness and knowledge needed in order to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle

Participation – get involved, stay involved

Performance – achieve grades, results and praise

Leadership – support others in their participation and success

Students will develop their physical, tactical and technical sporting skills, enhanced by an embedded focus on the Rights Respecting Schools agenda where respect is both offered and achieved among all involved. The individual student right to engage in activities that allow creativity and offer enjoyment through participation (Article 31) will form a cornerstone in all programmes of study.

CVCC PE – Realising potential through participation, performance and leadership

Physical Education holds a special position within Clyst Vale as an area in which all students are able to express themselves and achieve success across a broad range of activities.

Our vision is for Participation, Performance, Popularity and Leadership. We want students to grow in confidence and ability through our classes, clubs , trips and events.

All students participate in KS3 participate in four hours of PE per fortnight and three hours per fortnight in KS4.

Students with a passion for physical activity can continue their studies with GCSE, BTEC and A Level PE courses.

Many students also take the opportunities provided to obtain coaching, leadership and officiating courses.

As a team we pride ourselves on delivering a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum that can be accessed by all our students. We provide many opportunities for students to add to their PE curriculum time, with lunchtime and after college clubs. Through further participation students can be coached to sporting excellence or supervised in their pursuit of recreational enjoyment.

We run popular and successful exam based courses at GCSE, and L1 & L2 BTEC, as well as coaching, officiating and leadership courses from Key Stage 4 upwards.

Once a year we hold a Sports Awards Evening to celebrate the efforts and successes of the students, to which guest speakers are invited.


World Cup and Premiership Rugby Referee Luke Pearce presenting the Sports Ambassador 2019 award to Ben Parsons


Olympic, Commonwealth and World Championship medal winning athlete Jo Pavey presenting the Sports Ambassador 2018 award to Tom Rush





PE Staff Teaching Team

At Key Stage 3 students experience a wide variety of activities with an aim to improve skill acquisition, decision making, evaluation skills and knowledge of healthy lifestyles. Students are encouraged to perform to the best of their ability and to strive to improve their own performance and encourage others in their work. We use Year 9 as a preparation for many for the potential GCSE PE and L2 BTEC Sport courses.

In Key Stage 4 students are given the opportunity to follow successful courses in GCSE PE – AQA and BTec Sport Level 2 – Pearson/Edexcel. In their compulsory PE students are given the freedom to select performance ‘pathways’, which allow them to focus their attention on team games, individual activities or aesthetic activities. The pathways are then delivered with an emphasis on health and lifelong participation, as well as seeking to develop skill, teamwork, etiquette and leadership.

In Post 16, students who have achieved well in their GCSE and BTEC courses have the chance to study Physical Education A Level (AQA) or Level 3 BTEC Extended Certificate. At this stage the academic rigour is matched with practical assessments in the student’s chosen activities. Credit is given to students’ practical ability and the students are encouraged to pursue their chosen activity and role to a high level.

The College runs an extensive range of extra-curricular activities ranging from traditional team sports such as rugby, netball, badminton, tennis, athletics, rounders; also, for targeted year-groups, there are opportunities in dance, fitness, cricket, basketball and softball. We also attend fixtures in most of these activities and some festival and Partnership Events.

Whilst part of our vision is for mass participation, we also pursue sporting success and have high achieving teams and individuals across the age range.

Autumn 2019 Lunch Clubs

Autumn 2020: Due to Covid-19 restrictions, clubs are not able to run at present. Hopefully we will be able to return at least to a partial programme, sometime in the new year. We will update students as soon as this is possible.