“Geography is all around us.

It is about the real world, right now.”

Geography is the study of the Earth’s people, places, landscapes and environments. It mixes the arts and the sciences and bridges the learning gap between many other subjects e.g. History, B&V, Science, Maths, English and ICT.

We aim to encourage every student to develop a understanding of the world around them. We want all students to have pride in their work and take responsibility for their own learning. We promote the development of transferable skills which can be valued beyond the walls of the classroom

Students have the opportunity to engage which a wide variety of learning resources and styles. For example, students develop their problem solving and researching skills by using ICT, fieldwork and diagrams, internet, maps, videos, newspaper articles, photographs and books.


Mrs T Grigg Head of Humanities  
Miss K Crawshay Teacher of Geography
Miss I Matthews Teacher of Geography
Mr A Green Teacher of Geography, Vice Principal  

Students are taught Humanities in Year 7 (a combination of Beliefs & Values, Geography and History) with one teacher for 5 lessons a fortnight. In Years 8 & 9 they have 3 lessons a fortnight of geography.

Modules include:

  • Fantastic Places
  • Living with hazards
  • Wild weather
  • Impossible Places
  • The geography of conflict
We follow AQA specification. Students have 5 lessons a fortnight.

Geography is a very popular option and there are usually 4-5 groups. In 2015 81% students gained a C grade or above. 53% students gained an A or an A*

Modules include:

  • Coasts
  • Rivers
  • World Development
  • Hazards
  • Urban Environments
  • Climate Change
Year 12&13
At A level we follow the AQA specification. Geography is a very popular option at A level. We currently have 2 groups at AS and 2 at A2. Our results our outstanding. In 2015 we had a 100% pass rate. 68% of students achieved A*-B grades.

Modules include:

  • Cold Environments
  • The geography of my place
  • Hazard and Management
  • Resource Management

20% is an independent study based on fieldwork. This will fully prepare students for university and the world of work

Field Work

Fieldwork is a vital component of the geography department at CVCC. It give students a ‘real’ understanding of geography. How else can students appreciate the role of a shingle beach in protecting the coast until they try and run across it! Fieldwork allows them to gain new experiences and develops their team work and skills in data handling and problem solving.

Fieldwork in geography takes a variety of forms from day trips at KS3 to residential visits at A level. We are also planning a trip to Iceland for 2017!

Locations include:

  • The Lake District
  • South Devon
  • Dawlish Warren
  • Cheddar Y12

Students in the Lake District in 2015

Geog FT