Our PTFA is a relaxed organisation which aims to give parents/carers and the college a friendly and informal connection.  It is very different to the PTFA you may have experienced at primary school level and the name PIG (Parent information Group) is a much better description of what we do.

We are primarily concerned with keeping parents informed of current issues and being an informal connection between the school and parents and run presentations on topics such as Emotional Wellbeing and Internet Safety.   A member of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) attends all of our meetings and they are always happy to take questions or discuss current issues.  As well as the contact with the school there is also the opportunity to discuss issues with other parents.

We do also work with the school to help provide support for teachers and parents in simple ways such as serving refreshments at Parent’s evenings and the annual Christmas concert.  If fundraising is required we work with the department and students making the request to organise events.

Joining in with our events and coming along to meetings is an excellent way to get to know the staff at your child’s school and to hear about issues that may affect their experience at the school.

We understand that attending meetings is not always possible and we have an email list to share information with those unable to attend.

Our meetings are open to anyone and you would be most welcome to attend with no pressure to commit further.

Alternatively you can contact us to join the email list.

Jenny Sanders, Chairman  

Anita Hill, Treasurer