Cultural and Personal Studies (CPS)

Cultural and Personal Studies

Curriculum Intent

The CPS course is deigned to blend the content of the PSHE and B & V curriculum into a coherent, student-focussed curriculum. The main objective of our course is to provide challenging varied and enriching lessons that effectively prepare our pupils for life in a culturally diverse modern world.  We teach the students the knowledge and skills to be able to function as successful citizens and respond to challenges which may arise now and in the future. Clyst Vale students should be fully prepared for success in an increasingly globalised and interdependent world, and aspire to be responsible local and global citizens. It is vital that the students gain an insight into world views and take an interest.

In CPS we focus on the students and through listening to them we have constructed an adaptable programme of study which reflects the issues which they feel are important.  We cover the statutory RSE curriculum and students will develop both the knowledge and skills to reflect on their relationships with others.  Students should be empowered to take responsibility for their decisions and consider the positive or negative consequences and the impact these decisions could have on their lives and those of the people around them.  Our aim is to empower the students to take responsibility for themselves.

Students should consider how they can draw parallels to other people’s lives and beliefs and to lead them to a deeper understanding and respect of a range of ethical/religious concepts and ideas, and to challenge views which are rooted in prejudice and ignorance. As a Rights respecting school the UNCRC is fully embedded throughout our curriculum. This helps build student’s confidence to make informed decisions. They have a moral framework, based on equality and respect for all that lasts a lifetime, as they grow into engaged, responsible members of society.

Students are taught CPS once a week in year 10 by a specialist teacher.  In year 11 students are given an extra lesson of study skills to help with their preparation for exams and to ensure they have the skills needed to equip them for their assessments.


Year 10 / 11      

Mrs Bennett

Miss Brotherton

Miss Battishall

Mrs Faulkner


Cultural & Personal Studies Year 10 Long term plan

Cultural & Personal Studies Year 11 Long term plan