Course 42

Parent Consultation – Relationships & Sex Education

Parents – please complete online survey by Friday 3rd July

All parents of students in Y7 to Y10 should have received information this week about changes to the RSE curriculum.We would encourage all parents to access the link to the survey, having read the documentation, to let us know your views.

There are 4 documents below to look at:

Letter from Mrs Nicola Bennett, Head of Course 42

RSE Consultation letter June 2020

RSE – Statutory Guidance Information for Parents (presentation style information)

RSE June 2020 parental presentation

Understanding Relationships, Sex and Health Education at your child’s secondary school: ​a guide for parents (Department for Education document)

DfE RSE Guide for Parents

What will my Child be expected to know? (Document summarising the expectations set by the Department for Education, as to what pupils should cover during secondary school)

What will my Child be expected to know

We would welcome as many responses as possible to the survey by Friday 3rd July.  Link below:

RSE Parent Consultation Survey

Many thanks for your participation!


What is Course 42?

According to the Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, the number 42 is the “Ultimate answer to Life, the Universe and Everything” so this seemed to be a very appropriate name for a course that aims to equip students with ways of dealing with the demands, pressures and opportunities they will face during their time in education and their future roles in the 21st century world. This will include issues related to health, careers, life skills, internet safety, citizenship and society and personal skills.

Course 42 also includes RSE – Relationship and Sex Education which is delivered in Key Stages 3 and 4, closely following the advice of the PSHE association.  This enables the College to follow the recent change in government policy where the teaching of RSE is a requirement, and will be statutory, in all schools by 2019.  The amendments will continue to allow parents a right to withdraw children from sex education. Relationship and sex education is designed to ensure pupils are taught the knowledge and life skills they will need to stay safe and develop healthy and supportive relationships, particularly dealing with the challenges of growing up in an online world.

In Years 7 and 10 the students have one lesson per fortnight, in Years 8 and 9 there are two lessons per fortnight. In Year 11 the content is delivered on Deep Learning Days. All students will be taught by a range of teachers during the year as the groups rotate.


Year 7 Mrs N Bennett



Mrs K Needs

Year 8 Miss T Mann

Mrs N Bennett

Miss M McConnachie

Year 9 Mrs H Elliot

Mrs N Bennett

Mr A Pearce


Year 10 Mrs N Bennett


Mrs K Needs

Mr A Pearce

Mrs H Elliot

Course 42 – Year by Year

Year 7

Friendships, group and team working, global awareness and citizenship, careers, study skills, puberty, safety, making sensible choices

Year 8

Self-esteem and body confidence, social media and relationships, be safe – be assertive, choices and consequences, race, nationality, equality and identity, empathy, study skills, careers, sex and embarrassment

Year 9

First aid, reality v pornography, relationships, making choices in relationships, legal highs, the law, crime and punishment, the government, elections and voting, personal identify and addiction, finance, careers, KS4 option choices, mini enterprise and business.

Year 10

Healthy v abusive relationships, respect, trust and goodwill, exploitation, intimidation and violence

Addiction, legal highs, contraception and teen pregnancy, sexual health, body checks, self-esteem, rejection, resilience.

Careers Education including – CV writing, interview skills, choices at post 16 and preparation for work experience.  Finance, budgeting, different types of debt, pay and tax.

Year 11

Grooming, trafficking, internet safety, mental health and well-being


Please note these topics are subject to change according to the needs of the students and external influences