Update: Malicious emails


All malicious emails have been removed from all user’s mailboxes. Rules have been created to quarantine any inbound and outbound email traffic caused by Staff and students clicking on the email links.  Internet access rules have also been applied to stop access to the links.  This will be monitored over the coming week but normal email access has been restored for the few users who were blocked

Students have been informed about the dangers of clicking the links when accessing email on their home computers as well as in school.

If anyone has concerns, please change email account passwords and delete any emails with the link to avoid future issues.



We are receiving more reports from students and staff about a new spam email arriving in College Inboxes.

This spam email is quite sophisticated in that it is uses the title of a genuine email that you have replied to previously in order to trick you into believing it is authentic.

If you open the email you will see a largely blank email with an information notification at the top of the email either saying, “If there are problems with how this message is displayed, click here to view in a web browser” or something similar.  On mobile devices the email sometimes appears with a green button saying ‘Display Message’.

If you click this link it will often redirect you to a BBC website but in the process collects your private user credentials. It then uses these credentials to send out more malicious emails from your account. .

Do not open this email as it could damage your work and computer and may make your private details vulnerable.


ICT Network Manager