Adventure International Bude, Sunday 15th July – Wednesday 18th July

Students need to arrive at College so we can register and pack the coach and be ready to leave Clyst Vale at 10.15 am on Sunday. We will return on Wednesday 18th July by 3.20pm. Please make arrangements to collect your child or for them to catch their normal bus at this time. PLEASE DO NOT BRING: Hair straighteners, mobile phones, MP3 players, iPods or similar, hair straighteners, radios/CD players, chewing gum, jewellery or fizzy drinks. Students will have little or no spare time to play on portable games machines, so these should be left at home as well. Students may bring a camera; the centre recommends single use cameras, to avoid loss or damage to expensive cameras. We will not be liable for the loss or damage to any expensive item. Jewellery MUST NOT be worn during either daytime sessions or evening activities. If it cannot be removed then they will not be able to take part in activities. The safety standards at the centre are exceptionally high. A clear ‘send home’ policy operates. If any student breaches any of the following seven rules, they will be sent home. I have been asked to emphasise that this will be the decision of staff at the centre and to stress that there are no second chances. Parents will be expected to collect their child from the centre or send a nominated adult if they are unavailable. The rules are as follows:  No smoking or bringing cigarettes/lighters into the centre.  No boys in girls’ bedrooms or vice versa.  No drinking alcohol (or bringing illegal substances onto the premises)  No anti-social behaviour (bullying, vandalism, stealing)  No leaving the centre grounds unsupervised  No bringing mobile phones onto the premises – should your son/daughter forget to leave their phone at home they must hand it into Mr Pearce, Miss Prunty or Mrs Elliot where it will be locked in a safe.  No students are allowed in other schools’ allocated bedroom areas. Parents will not be able to claim any reimbursement for the shortened stay or any travelling expenses should they be required to collect their child from Bude. Pocket Money We recommend a maximum of £15 for pocket money. There is a small tuck/souvenir shop at the centre. Students may wish to contribute to a small present for their instructor at the end of the week and two representatives from each activity group, accompanied by a member of staff, will go into the town to buy this. This is the only time students will be able to leave the centre. If you would like a member of staff to look after your child’s pocket money, please place it in a labelled wallet/purse/bag/envelope, to be issued in the evenings. Clothing Students will participate in a range of activities in the evening. These will include a fancy dress evening, and you may wish to consider a suitable costume for this event, and a disco. Please do not send your child with expensive equipment as some of the belongings will come back extremely dirty (and smelly!). Please ensure all items are named. Shorts must be of a suitable length and if the activity states long trousers these must be to the ankle. I have attached a kit list for information. Medicines Please ensure that any medicines are handed into Miss Prunty, preferably by the end of this week, at the latest next Wednesday. If you have written that your child has asthma they must have their inhalers on them for all activities when we arrive in Bude. If you would like to give in some spares this may be a good option! All our attending Clyst Vale staff are looking forward to a successful and enjoyable trip. We are confident that all the students will rise to the challenges they face and make us all very proud of them. If you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact me further.

                                                                                                   Adam Pearce                                                                                                                 Head of Green School