Extreme Hot Weather

We are currently in a “heatwave” with a 48-hour Met Office yellow warning meaning that the high temperatures could be a health risk to vulnerable groups. Clearly, we encourage students and parents/carers to follow the standard advice for coping in the heat: keeping out of the sun, using sun protection, and keeping hydrated.

Students are not made to go outside at lunchtime, and are welcome to stay in the Giraffe House, Library and other places.

Students are permitted to wear hats when outside, and it is expected that shoulders are covered at all times. Many students are wearing properly-tailored shorts, which is fine.

Students must take responsibility for their own sun cream protection, if required.

We have drinking fountains providing filtered water. However, all of the cold taps in the College are served by the mains and therefore give drinking water. The only exception is an external tap by Science. Students can also buy drinks from the Giraffe House or Canteen at break and lunchtime.